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Well, it IS. And mainly because it’s a new format…you know, like “real” bloggers have, with links and everything. Oh, and underwear.


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 For the faint of heart, let me just say right now, the reading of this post does not involve the actual use of granny panties, but rather, memorable metaphor. Can we move on now? Good. Okay, so much like wearing our underwear inside out, we tend to focus the same way. Here’s the truth of the matter: when we put our attention on what we don’t want instead of what we DO want, we tend to attract MORE of what we don’t want. Let me just impress you with a touch of my scientific wisdom…*clears throat and acts important* Read More

  • If you missed the memo, I’m doing an Intention Workshop at Arden Hot Yoga 3/8 (Saturday). Learn more about the workshop here (and don’t worry, I’m having another one next month). In a nutshell, there is POWER in our Intentions. The problem is that we fail to maintain our FOCUS and what it is we want most in life. The secret is focused imagination and meditation, and you get plenty of both in this workshop. No yoga involved, but I hold them at yoga studios so I can pretend I’m a yoga instructor.
  • If you missed last week’s Yoga Hop, shame on you! Fortunately, I saved you a copy. There was no yoga hop for this week because I was teaching at Sac State & preparing for workshops. Yoga Hop #6…wow I only have 44 to go.
  • In other exciting news, my new and best novel just came out. It’s a novel based on impossible dreams,  called, Dusty Dreams, with a dash of Buddhism & meditation, which is what I teach, right? It’s also on Kindle now to. Help a girl out and pick up a copy here.
  • Also, More Secrets of a Spiritual Guru, is even better than the first one….ahem…that’s what other people are saying too so it’s not just me. Buy it!!!



So, on a quantum level we are actually comprised of 99.99% (and even I admit, that’s a heck of a lot) empty space. Oh, but don’t you worry little lamb, that empty space is not empty at all, but rather full of waves and particles interacting at a subatomic level. But now I’m just showing off. Okay, moving on. Essentially what that tells us is that a mere .0001% is actual matter. By “matter” I mean things we can touch, see, feel, and um, DRINK. But sadly, we spend all of our time focused, fearful, and worrying about the massively smaller percentage of our lives (and not drinking nearly enough).

As my good friend and colleague, Albert Einstein once said, “Life is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” (he said it at Starbucks once, but that was a long time ago). Anyway, if you realize and recognize this scientific fact–that the MAJORITY of who we are is NOT the physical lives we are muddling through–than you understand how silly it is to focus so much on the external reality and spend so little time on the internal possibilities. Our minds are our connection to all things we desire and intend, but we have to stay grounded, focused, and clear in order to manifest more than a mosquito. And mosquitoes are annoying, right?

Well, lucky for you I study all of this so obsessively and am willing to share my findings so you can use and apply it without too much elbow grease. See, Mommy takes good care of her little bear cubs. I’ll be adding a resource section to this  site for recommended reading, products that help, as well as continuing with these kinds of posts. Oh, and you can always read my books too (hint, hint).  GREAT NEWS: This summer–wait for it–I’m coming out with my best new book, The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention. Don’t you love that title? It’s all the science & spirituality of manifesting…in LOL reading. See you next time…which may be a long time, being that these dang links took me all day to figure out. XOXOXOXOXOXO