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Yoga Hop 2014: Radiant


I had heard Radiant Yoga in Eldorado Hills would help me get nice and sweaty. I also heard that it was a different kind of heat. Now I understand that it’s radiant heat, hence the name of the studio. I’m sharp like that.  Anyway, I decided to take an 8:15 a.m. class, and was pleasantly surprised the drive wasn’t bad, and there would be no where-do-I-park anxiety of my downtown studio hopping. Sigh. The first thing I experienced was a maze. I felt like Will Ferrell in the film, Elf, “First I traveled through the seven levels of treadmills…”  Seriously  this studio is located in the Eiffel tower. Okay, not really. But, it is inside a sports club, not to be confused with a night club, where um, they might have offered a nice wine spritzer after class.

Anyway, after I traveled through tread mills and stairways and water fountains, I found the studio. I was actually already feeling proud of that accomplishment (without a GPS!). That’s when  I got my first  special surprise. I was instantly impressed that it was free. FREE?!?!?! Hello? Are you sure? At first, I suspected as anyone would, that my reputation had proceeded me and they I was being given the royal celebrity treatment. But alas, this was not the case. ANYONE gets a freebie the first time. I just have to say that in my yoga adventure thus far from Sac to Santa Monica, I’ve not had a single studio zoom in on this sexy feature. Wow. Free.

Another first is that I’ve not been to a studio that had numbered cubby holes with drawers. Numbered cubby holes with drawers!  Initially I was afraid I’d forget where I put my purse. Was it cubby #45? Wait, maybe it was #36? I decided to let it go. After all, I practice yoga to release my need to memorize cubby hole numbers anyway, right?

The vinyassa class I took was being taught by an instructor named Tristina. Interesting to note is that in working on my new book about an angel, I happen to have angels on my mind a lot these days, so it shouldn’t have really surprised me that when Tristina turned around, she had wings! Real angel wings inked right onto her angelic little body. This explained a lot. Tristina told us to blow our noses, and someone walked around with tissues if we wanted one. She said is was something about a breathing exercise we’d be doing, but I didn’t question it, you know, ’cause she’s an angel and everything.

And speaking of heavenly practices! I’m kind of like, why waste time on Warrior One when Crescent Lunge is so exhilarating, and it was like she read my mind.  We did so many Crescent Lunges, that turned into dancing-half-moon-twisted-chairs, I can’t even keep track. I was in ecstasy! And the heat did feel a little different, but boy was I sweating up a storm. I could almost smell the champagne from the night before as Tristina assisted my pose ever so gently with her little angel hands.

In fact, at one point, I was wondering if the enormous pink salt crystal light in the corner of the room was for licking. But, since I didn’t see anyone else doing it, I chose not to be the first. I’m considerate like that.  I liked how this instructor worked us hard, then let us rest a bit, only to take us back to press on. By the time we took our final pose, I think I fell asleep. I do know when Tristina told us to roll over onto our right side, it took me a few minutes to find it. I know I had it when I came in the room.

This was a studio I left feeling great. Instead of feeling beat from the heat and hard work, I felt ready to take a shower and save the world. Give Radiant a try. Its worth the drive, and I will be back! Remember, your first trip is on me. Not really, but it is free. Plus, I hear tell that all of their instructors are amazing, and Tristina is a treat for sure.



Namaste for now.