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Thought for the week:  No matter how much we try, we can never change another person. We can threaten, ignore, and stomp our feet like mad little yogis, but ultimately, we’re not changing anything except our own energy, attention, and focus.  On the flip side, we should never force ourselves to endure being treated with anything less than kindness and respect. And ultimately, when we treat ourselves well, we’ll find those who do not, slowly fade away or change their attitudes completely. We’re all one, so starting in your own mind is the surest way to freedom.

Yoga Hop:


Since Zuda has three studios, I decided to buy the 30-day Intro deal and hit all three of them within that time-range. At least it’s my goal. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure and take a different instructor each time. This week’s post is all about Zuda’s midtown location. For those who are following this blog, you know that I have a bit of out-of-my-area phobia, and this is especially true of downtown. How do people even remember which streets go which ways? Anyway, after leaving extra early, and first calling a nice young lady named Jen to find out where to park, I packed my pockets with quarters and headed off to 19th and O.

The instructor’s name was Jessica, and this was a vinyasa flow class. Jessica had herself an assistant name Michelle. I really like the assistant feature and seem to always get lucky when it comes to shoulder rubs. Maybe they can tell my shoulders are tight by the way I moan when I have to  move them. Jessica was one of the only instructors I can think of who was, well, funny. Similar to when you take a Southwest flight and the flight attendant cracks a joke, you know, while she’s explaining how you can save your life if the plane crashes? Well, Jessica was kind of like that. She would give us some dialogue, add some spiritual insight, and then a snippet of humor. I liked it. It kept things real and made my burning-butt chair pose seem a little less brutal.

Overall, the class–full of flow and koans and fun–went fairly fast. Jessica even said at one point we could do headstand if we were interested. I was not, but I thought it was nice of her to offer. Another thing I appreciated was that she kept talking about intentions. Since I’m the Queen of Intention-Setting, I found this a major plus. I always love it when an instructor has us set our intentions at the start of class, but Jessica continued to bring them up throughout the class. She was not about to let us forget whatever commitment we may have made to ourselves. I gotta respect her for that.

About the studio:

Lots of cute clothes! I bought the beads (photo above) because my credit card was on a time out, but there were lots of clothes and books that were begging for my attention. The big room I practiced in has a wall of windows that looks out onto the street and the quaint old houses across the way. It also has cubby-holes to put your personals in. There’s another room that is a bit darker and smaller, and I believe it’s for their yin classes. One thing I fell in love with was the huge gold Buddha statue. I tried to stick it in my yoga bag, but he was way too big. I rubbed his belly and kissed his head on the way out. Changing rooms, two bathrooms, and a water station are other features. I just want to add that they have a ton of things going on; special classes, events, and they even participate in fundraising efforts too, which is a totally awesome thing to do.

I look forward to visiting the other two Zudas in my 30-day plan (which technically means I have to hurry!).

Here’s the website Zuda Yoga - Folsom Yoga Center


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