Thought for the day:  The very best things in life are free. If you think about it, we scurry and worry and work really hard to have things we are sure will give us the feeling of joy we get, quite easily, from looking out at a sunset or marveling at a budding rose. Ultimately, it’s not money that we want, but the feeling we think we’ll get from the things the money will allow us to buy. What if we chose to notice the sunset, smell the rose, and love the people dear to us, right here, right now, as if the money didn’t matter? Next think you know, it really doesn’t.

One Flow Yoga

I was indeed money-focused this week when I ventured to a this studio that I found online and had never heard of before. I liked that it was right around the corner from Sac State, where I’ve been doing workshops the past two weeks. The money-focus was about a real estate deal gone bad, due to a buyer failing to perform with one of my listings. As I pulled onto the residential street to park at One Flow, I couldn’t help but notice the shops and businesses at the corner of  56th & H. I worked on Elvas Avenue many years ago and was amazed at how the sweet little East Sac neighborhood had changed, and how it hadn’t.

That said, I was in a kind of grumpy mood and really looking forward to a warm flow to help me get my mojo back. I was greeted by the instructor whose name was Jessica. The lobby was long and skinny, but nice, and they even have a small retail selection. I’ve come to learn on my yoga-hopping adventure that a retail section is good to have. It gives early students something to browse (or buy) when they are always-early like me. The retail section here was sparse, but I think it’s a new studio, and admittedly, the retail space is small.

There are two rooms, but I think one is more for teacher training and workshops. The big room, and by big I mean bowling-alley-lane-long, was bright and inviting. My readers know I have a thing about floors, so I’m not going to lie;  I had to do a double take. There was one kind of flooring here, then another kind there, and frankly, I found myself floor-curious. To their credit, all the floors were lovely and looked brand new. Cubby holes in the studio make me all warm and fuzzy, because God knows, I always worry about someone coming in from the street and calling Algeria or something.

Speaking of the street. The ‘front’ of the class/studio faces the street. With no window coverings (yet?) I found the traffic a bit distracting, and to stay focused, I kept reading the glass door that has the studio’s name across it. However, being that it reads backwards from inside, instead of getting “One Flow” from it, I kept reading “wolf eno.”  Remember, I was in a bad mood. This all shifted when Jessica entered to room and greeted us all like we were her best friends from high school. I wanted to remind her that we just chatted a few minutes earlier at the front desk, but I kept quiet.

Dear Jessica reminded me that no matter how many years or times I practice yoga, there is always a pose I’ve never seen or thought of before. We did some sort of criss-cross applesauce thing with our legs AND our arms. This Jessica was being all sorts of innovating. My shoulders resisted strongly, but I feared failure to comply might result in being thrown out the door into the on-coming traffic, reasoning that this was why they called if wolf yoga. Just kidding. Jessica was positive and gave careful dialogue that would fit with any level, which by the way, is what they called this…all level flow…I think.

While the room was cooler than I like it (sorry, my personally-cultivated heat run cold), I did find that once I got my grove on, my bad mood began to fade. We did warriors and twists and things I can’t pronounce (even before I have a glass of wine), and I found myself flowing along like a good (and grateful) yogi should. I think I failed to mention that the crowd at One Flow was delightfully friendly. I have stepped into studios more than once and noted people meditating on their mats, or otherwise pretending that someone important like me didn’t just step into the room. Okay, just kidding. But truly, these East Sac yogis were super friendly. I felt sure I would be invited for green tea or wheat grass if I wanted.

This is a studio to watch, try their 30 for 30 special, and see if you can get a strike in their big yoga room (that was a bowling joke, in case you missed it)


One Flow Yoga