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My thought for the week: Sometimes life is about letting go of what you planned on and going with where you’re taken. Without resistance. That’s how I ended up at Aha Yoga, in fact. When we stop our busy minds and realize that there are more moving parts than we could ever possibly imagine, life becomes a dance. An opportunity to try new things and not be stuck in stagnation. Letting go is never giving up, but instead, softening. Becoming more of who we are and less of who we think we’re supposed to be. Have a beautiful week.


I popped in to this studio with no expectations. I hadn’t heard much about it and didn’t even know where it was located but when traffic lights were out and the whole state of California apparently needed to use Sunrise Boulevard  I decided to duck into the Calico Shopping Center and hit Trader Joe’s til the traffic calmed down. You can imagine my delight when I saw the Aha Yoga sign standing proud like a Warrior II.

I’m all about choices so I instantly admired that there were two classes to choose from. Did I want to get all sweaty with Bikram or did I prefer to fuel my own heat with a warm Vinyasa class?  I opted for warm.

Of course I had to check out the Bikram room too, mostly because I’m nosy like that. It was nice and hot and I almost stayed for tea, but remembered I had a greater mission to accomplish. Inside the large Vinyasa room, I felt instantly at peace. Moss green walls and shiny wood floors with very cool, natural branch window and wall treatments. It was like being in a yoga forest.

The instructor, who I will refer to as Andrea—mostly because that’s her name, seemed very grounded. Oh, make that “On-Draya”  if you want to pronounce it properly.

Anyway, Andrea/Ondraya was all soft and spiritual and sweet. She told us that today we would work on twists. She mentioned something about getting all the toxins out and improving our spines. I was happy with her decision because, quite frankly, I’d been feeling a bit like a dirty dishcloth lately. A good twisting could really ring me out.  I couldn’t wait to enliven my spine and squish my organs. You know what I mean.

I decided I would spend the class releasing tension and twisting because I was fairly sure—based on Andrea’s gentle nature and soft, meditative voice, that it would be a fairly easy flow. That Andrea is a tricky one, though.  And I’m talking, reverse-half-moon and bird-of-paradise tricky.  Before long, I wondered if it was really the same room that only a little while earlier I thought was a bit too cool but now, might be a nice place to take a nap. She even had us do a Pyramid pose with airplane arms! That was not as easy as it sounds.

By the time it was over and the lights went  lower, I was asleep in corpse pose. Feeling very spiritual and somewhat sweaty.

Now, about the studio. This very large space never seemed to end. Besides a terrific-sized lobby and two practice rooms, there is a big changing room, a super-sized area for storing personal  items, and I think I saw another room…either that or I am completely making it up. I was super impressed when I notice after class, the big basket of oranges on the counter next to a container of Pink Himalayan sea salt. Pink salt!

But seriously, if you take a bit of orange and then stick a chunk of salt in your mouth, it makes you feel like you live in Santa Monica.  Okay not really but it does help replace your ions on something like that. And they do do the salt thing in Santa Monica (but they get rather pissy when you ask to take some home).

Also, I would like to add that when you visit this studio, be sure to leave your credit card in the car. Trust me on this. It’s too late for me, but save yourself.  See my cool new yoga pants? I will wear these for my more patriotic poses.


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They also had some awesome jewelry…some beautiful pieces by Maya Kini. And guess what? Andrea the instructor has her jewelry there too (Andrea Keller Creations)! Oh, and I was impressed to hear about all the workshops and classes they’ve got going. Hopefully they’ll post some in our Sacramento Yoga Community Facebook group, because really, with 49 more blogs to write on the variety of studios and instructors in Sacramento, I may need a good yin class.

Check out Aha Here! aha