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When I committed to practicing  and blogging about 50 new yoga experiences this year, I didn’t realize there were only 33 area studios. So in order to reach my goal, I may find myself doing some double visits with different instructors or venturing outside of the Sacramento Area. This second option scares me, considering I got lost going to Folsom. The saddest part? I was born there.


I was instantly surprised and impressed when I walked into the studio that was so big I needed an usher. The instructor, Stacy, is tall, blonde, and beautiful and could be a poster child for Lululemon. The first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a headset. A headset? I admit the room was large, but at first I felt like I was taking a class from Brittany Spears. I wondered it Stacy would be singing us into our poses.

The room had awesome floors, which quite honestly is something I pay attention to. I mean really, with all those downward dogs, we’re going to be  looking at and laying on them quite a bit. I tried not to stare at the big alter in the front of the room. A statue of an elephant who appeared to have an extra set of arms stared out at  us, but he looked friendly enough, and I reminded myself he was not real.

Before long, Stacy had us moving and flowing and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This is when I noticed a guy walking around touching people. Hmmm….should I notify the authorities? Did Stacy not mind that this guy with the very colorful calf tattoos (reminded me immediately to get appointment for my tattoo removal in NYC!) was touching all of her students?  But then, when I was in the middle of my triangle pose, said toucher-person, helped me bend further and in better alignment. I would later learn, unlike a pool boy, Sid, is an assistant yoga instructor. He is is a very loving energy worker and  I am glad I did not have him arrested.

Just as Instructor Stacy had me wiping the spiritual sweat from my cheekbones, something happened. Assistant Sid shuts the ceiling-to-floor curtains over the windows that had filled the room with blue sky and sunshine, the lights go low, the music blares, and I’m in in a nightclub! Wait! Where are the cocktails? I’m wondering this and halfway expecting Brittany to break out in song and quick dance moves. I’m desperately hoping I can keep up with the fast-paced Folsom crowd. But before long, the rush is over, the shoulders and backs of toned bodies glisten in the moon light…oh wait, those are black lights (in a yoga studio?), and I am spent.

Somewhere in there, the enormous fan that covers the entire room and parts of Florida, began blowing hot air. It seemed as though just when we began to get our yin on, everything softened, including the climate and sound system. Stacy started sharing words of wisdom, which is one of my favorite parts of any yoga class. She told us that life is yoga. That arguing with a spouse, quieting a crying child, or struggling to fit into our yoga pants…wait, I just made that last one up. Anyway, she explained that all of life is yoga, and I happen to very much agree.

The studio itself has a nice retail offering, just in case you feel the need to buy a pair of earrings following your plank pose. Oh, and they carry my book, but we can’t fault them for that, now can we? The studio ranks high in swagger and style, with a very spiritual vibe (like I said, the elephant seemed nice enough), and the instructor, Stacy, was amazing. I highly recommend you take a class with her, even if you have to book a flight from Kalamazoo, it will be worth it. She may even validate your parking.

Leap offers workshops, new student specials, showers, water station and a lobby to chill in afterward…you know, in case you want to read my book or something. Give it a whirl and say hello to the elephant for me.


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