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Hey, how many people (besides the millions I don’t know) get to go on an author book tour from the comfort of their own home? Well, I’m taking full advantage of it, so as I post these “guest blogs” and good reviews (Note: I will NOT post the bad reviews), you can just overlook and delete. I mean, it’s not like I post this stuff all the time, but I’m excited! You know, like baby’s first tooth? This is Tam’s second book tour. Show some respect.

And seriously, you can WIN a TWENTY DOLLAR AMAZON GIFT CARD. Holy hell! If you shop for kindle FREE books like I do, that there gift certificate could last you a VERY LONG TIME.

Okay, so here’s a fun post…I won’t run every book review through here, because, heck, we know Guru is a good book, but I will run my guest posts because, well, your attention is like¬†heroin. Mommy needs more.

Love you oodles.

Here’s today’s play¬†