While I’d never watched a single episode of the Dog Whisperer, I mistakenly assumed Cesar Milan was a dog trainer, not a quantum physicists and neuroscientist. It was only after we got the two love bugs above that we decided dog training was a must that I finally downloaded a book and started recording the beloved Dog Whisperer’s material. I was instantly impressed.

When Cesar first  mentioned the word “energy”–beyond the physical kind that doggies need to burn off–my ears perked up. He was, and does, refer to the kind of energy that spans beyond measure. The kind of invisible energy studied in quantum theory and new age circles. I’ve been teaching readers and clients for quite awhile now that just like a dog can sense its owner’s anxiety, prospects can sense a person’s fear, so I was thrilled to hear Ceaser be so in tune with this truth and using it to help people with their pups.

We’ve all heard that dog training is really for the owner, right? The reason this is so important is because all behavioral problems with pets (and kids) usually always reflects the owner’s (or parent’s) own issues. The episode I just watched had a beautiful Golden Retriever who freaked out when Daddy turned the generator on in the garage. Apparently, she went ballistic and was “causing” all sorts of drama for the entire household. I used quotes there because I learned a long ago when I was studying psychology, that usually, when a family brings a “problem” child in, that the kid is merely reflecting the parent’s own issues.

Anyway, as Cesar starts, in his own gentle manner, asking the retriever’s mommy what issues she had with the garage, it comes out that Mommy was a little jealous that Daddy was spending so much time in the garage. See how that works? Everything we experience outside ourselves is somehow reflecting something that’s within us. I always have known we experience ourselves through other people, but through our pets? How cool is that?

Is your animal anxious? Where are you feeling anxiety? Got a pooch that bites? Hmmmm…. Okay, moving on.

Dog training aside, how can you use this concept to better your relationships and the prospects you attract (or repel)? It’s really as easy as playing fetch once you grasp the idea. Your energy is your essence. It’s a combination of your thoughts (your psychology) that are often subconscious that cause emotions (neurochemical releases) which then form an electromagnetic energy. Cesar gets this.

People are always navigating through life operating on overload, overwhelm, and other people’s energy. When you meet someone you don’t like, it’s usually because you’re picking up on their “vibe” (their essence) that doesn’t mesh with  your own. The trouble is, most of us don’t take the time to give ourselves an energetic tune-up, thus we can be sending invisible messages that tend to repel people we’d much rather attract.

All the books, blogs, and videos I do focus a great deal on our ability to manage our minds and our emotions, thus our energy, so that we can create and attract the people and circumstances that make us happy. In other words, manage your energy and life is a much more enjoyable ride. If you’re not attracting the kinds of clients and situations that make you wag your tail, then you’re not taking the time to tune-in and tune-up your energy everyday.

Ultimately, we have to remember that our energy enters the room before we do. Whether it’s a dog or another person, you have to ask yourself what your current state is. Are you feeling happy and grateful or pissed off and stressed out? I have a strict rule that I never leave the house, pick up the phone, or hit “send” on an email unless I can feel some pretty damn good energy. I know there are exceptions, but if that’s where your mind went, please start from the first sentence :-).

Why not read my new book that explains exactly how you can do this?

Ta ta for now!