“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into awareness.”  Lao Tzu


In my last several books, including the recent, Infinite Potential, I talk about this thing called “Medicreation.” In each book I have strived to explain it with a fresh new slant so my repeat readers (who I love more than life itself) won’t get bored, as well as to offer up another level of interpretation. I have intentionally not trademarked the word “Medicreation” for two reasons. The first being it seems rather pompous, and secondly I’d like it to someday be as common as the word “meditation.” Big dreamer, I know, but still. The point is, if your life were perfect you wouldn’t be interested in any of this “stuff,” right?

People have asked me over the years how Medicreation is different from say, the law of attraction or conscious creation. While I’m not going to do a compare and contrast with various manifestation methods, I thought I might explain how Medicreation differs from other practices. First we’ll talk about the practice itself, and then briefly about the lifestyle since the lifestyle can very well fall into mainstream metaphysics and law of attraction methodologies, with perhaps a crucial difference or two.

The practice itself may seem very much like meditation and visualization, and at face value, that could be a fairly accurate description. However, it’s actually the goal of such a practice (as well as the specific process and purpose) that sets it apart. First, let me bore you with a bit of background, lest you think one day I awoke, made up a fun word, and decided to spend my life teaching it.

My life-long obsession with studying the power of the mind began way back when I was riding a two-wheeler and buying books like “How to Hypnotize Anyone” at garage sales when I was twelve. The bookshelf in the hallway of our home was crammed full of books on Edward Cayce (recognized as the most amazing prophet and healer to date—not counting Jesus, mind you). In addition, my mom also had books on reincarnation, witchcraft, and astrology, so I didn’t grow up a stranger to strange things (especially back then when most moms were going to Tupperware parties).

For the past three decades I have explored  all the “isms” you can think of including, Shamanism, Cabalism, Judaism, Hypnotism, Paganism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. I’ve also spent copious amounts of time studying quantum physics, neuroscience, Christianity (why doesn’t it end with an “ism”?), yoga and metaphysics. My interests were almost 100% focused on mind over matter manifestation. Why? Because I have known since I was a child that we have an inherent power to change our lives and control our environments that we’ve somehow lost touch with and it’s always felt like my purpose to find it and teach it. Lofty goal, I know.

Many, if not most of most of the aforementioned alludes to (if not outright attributes) special practices to initiate change. Whether we’re taking about Shamans going into trance or Christians praying or yogis meditating; there’s definitely a common thread. The one thing I have learned in all of this is that in order to affect energy and create change, we must enter a different level of consciousness. The quote you see at the top was written over 2,600 years ago. Assuming Lao Tzu didn’t have internet access, I think it’s safe to say that there’s something to this idea (science proves it) of different dimensions that is older than sand.

All that said then, in Medicreation, we don’t just close our eyes and think of something yummy, wishing really hard it happens. Instead, we are entering a different level of consciousness—so let me stop with that statement and explain HOW that is done.

In order to enter a new level of consciousness you must leave the one you’re in during your normal waking hours. This involves a relaxed body and a slower brainwave, which can be attained through brain entrainment music and breathing exercises. This essential requirement: a different level of consciousness is the single hardest challenge we all have as humans. And think about why. The powers that be, including media, medical, government, and technology, KNOW that once we learn to enter the level that is ripe for creating change, do NOT. WANT. YOU. TO. They help ensure you are completely distracted by your material world so you won’t have the time or peace of mind to change it. Because after all, if your physical reality requires every ounce of your waking hours (it really doesn’t) then you won’t even find time to spend in a relaxed state with headphones and a dream because hey, there’s a commercial about a new disease you might need medicine for or a new product/program/answer-to-your-every-question that you just have to have (you really don’t).

Quantum physics has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is everything in the universe energy, but that we too are energy that interacts with all other forms of energy. Energy is malleable and creative, and we can construct things in the nonphysical plane, eventually making them physical. Mind over matter is no longer wishful thinking in a suit; it is a factual occurrence that is entirely possible for anyone and that, by the way, has been being taught across all the schools of thought I mentioned earlier, plus the ancient mystery schools, ancient Egyptians, and our friend Lao Tzu. When we take the time to change our lives and manifest our dreams, what we are doing, Medicreation-wise, is entering a different dimension of reality. I usually call this the quantum field, but scientifically speaking, it’s a higher dimension or even (gasp!) a parallel universe. Remember, beyond all the spiritual stuff is the solid science that supports what the former has been teaching (often in secret and to the select few “worthy” of such mind bending, life changing Intel) for a few thousand years now (that we know of).

After you’ve entered a deep level of relaxation and you use your imagination to create a picture or a movie of what you’d like to create and then add the excited and grateful emotion of having it, you’ve not only changed your biology (by releasing the same chemicals as if you really had whatever it is you’re creating) and your brain (because new neural connections will form) , and your subconscious mind (because the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and imagined), you’ve also affected energy. This energy has transmuted itself into being on another dimension. Yes, that last part is still being researched, but the proof is in the pudding, and I for one, have eaten an awful lot of pudding. You will see the changes you want to make in your imagination before you will see them in your material world, but the clay has been cast. You have touched base with your higher, creative self and the quantum field at large where all things are possible.

You can read more about the actual process in any of my books, but I will add that a very important component of Medicreation is accessing the feeling of actually living in that moment of whatever it is you are trying to create. And your creations don’t have to be material. They can be improved relationships, healing conditions, or weight loss, for instance. The Medicreation lifestyle I mentioned earlier starts next.

As mentioned in my book Imagine That! one of the most noted teachers of the New Thought Movement was Neville Goddard, and while his technique was handed down from a mysterious gentleman who studied the esoteric arts as a secret teaching, it was and is one of the most important components of manifesting ever: to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

So sure, if you relax your body and brain and imagine an amazing scenario, pulling in as many of your five senses as possible, not to mention feeling ecstatic with gratitude that it’s come true (Medicreation practice), that’s fun and exciting. But what happens once your session is over and you open your eyes? That’s when the “reality” of your external environment pops up to say hello. That’s when the quarrels you had with your partner, the big electric bill, and the clients that didn’t pick you all seem to surround you. And seriously, how in the heck are you supposed to stay all sparkly and joyful when shit is hitting the fan? Well my friend therein lies the rub. First, just by re-acting to such events you are, energetically speaking, re-creating them as well (or at least cementing them in to your current physical reality). Likewise, once you allow yourself to get re-immersed in what’s not working, it’s almost as if you took a giant pink eraser and wiped out the work you just did in the quantum field. Make sense?

A Medicreation lifestyle is about staying in alignment with what you created during your Medicreation session so that you manifest it in this physical plane zippity quick. That’s why what may seem like positive-thinking-hogwash (be grateful, loving, and forgiving) is actually the golden ticket of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar. I won’t harp here, but I feel pretty confident in saying it’s what you do, say, think, and feel during your waking hours that’s keeping your troubles and worries up front and center and your dreams on the back burner. If you want something different, you have to BE someone different, starting here. One more HUGE that fact separates Medicreation is that it is not what you “get,” but rather who you become.

While all of this is simple as can be, it certainly isn’t easy. And at the risk of sound salesy, Intention Academy is designed to help you get there faster. And you know what? You may not get there in 8 weeks, which is exactly why the program doesn’t end in 8 weeks. Hell, it may take you eight months or eight years (think about how many decades of programming you’ve been living with!), and yet I will still be there (universe willing) to support, encourage, and remind you that there really is nothing more than this. Seriously, if this is what has been being taught for thousands of years and science is now proving it works, chances of anything “new” coming along that says there’s a different way is not likely. This IS the secret of manifestation. There is no “listen to this for five minutes every day and wake up rich.” This is what all the great masters, philosophies, and ancient teachings have known and ever so cryptically shared over the eons.  You have to ask yourself the age-old question: where will you be five years from now if you don’t do something to change the parts you want to?

There is nothing that will help you attract more clients, a healthier body, or the love of your life faster and more effectively than this. And nothing easier! Just imagine saying you can’t find a few minutes every day to create your dream life and then go through your days like you already have it when that is exactly what will bring it to you. It’s pretty insane when you look at it from that perspective, but what other perspective is there? To keep pushing and stressing and wishing? You can take forced action to make things happen, slowly and painfully ( if at all), but miracles won’t be one of them and you’ll wear yourself out in the process. Why go through life pushing matter to matter when mind over matter is the way we were designed to live? Why keep complaining when it’s only bringing you more things to complain about?

Takeaway: FIND THE TIME. EXERT THE PATIENCE. IMAGINE WHAT YOU WANT. FEEL LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE IT. DISREGARD DISTRACTIONS THAT TAKE YOU OUT OF ALIGNMENT. And when you open your eyes and go through your days, trust that it is coming and it will. Ignore the posts that piss you off, focus on being kind and of service, and above all, stay connected to your higher self all the moments you can (and you can a lot more than you think).

If you would like some support along your journey with others who, besides me, won’t let you give up on the dream of attracting a more abundant business, then let’s chat! Okay, that last part was intentionally salesy, but I’d love to explore the possibility of inviting you into our select group of amazing women, so if you’d like to talk let me know.

Thanks for reading and please remember, all you need is a dream and the discipline to get started, and things will begin to change.

P.S. Maybe you’d like to read my personal journey from surviving to thriving in Mind Over Matter?

Virtual hugs,