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Why Attraction Marketing is Just Sexier

Would You Rather Attract or Chase?

Sometimes when I tell agents I work with neuroscience and manifestation they figure I’ll have them make a vision board and wait for the phone to ring. Not true. Manifestation does indeed do the heavy lifting, if you know how to properly apply it. That said the first law of physics is that nothing happens until something moves, and that something needs to be you.

However, traditional, old school prospecting needs to be sent to the dark ages. No one you know wants you to call and remind them that you sell houses for a living, nor do they want you banging on their door after they just sat down to dinner and Netflix. Oh, and seriously, when they go to do a home search online, do you really think they aren’t checking five different sites, eliciting five different agents emailing and calling them back? Attraction marketing to the rescue! 

The first part of attraction marketing is all about YOU. One thing agents tend to forget or not realize is that what you are really selling is yourself. That is why working on upgrading your energy is number one in my agent success handbook. You must be emitting a frequency that resonates with the high quality client you want to attract. That can take some work, but I like to think between my posts, and books, and videos (and yes, coaching too!) that I address the YOU part quite well.

From there, we move on to marketing activities that feel good to you. Yep, they gotta be fun or the vibe will be off. Maybe you like to write blog posts, or do videos, or throw parties. Whatever it is, find something you love and your perfect prospects will love it too. Fun is truly the secret sauce to attraction marketing. But let’s look at some of the more practical reasons this is a better way to focus your efforts:


1. Building Trust and Relationships: Attraction marketing allows you to build trust and relationships with potential customers. Instead of interrupting people with unsolicited calls, you’re providing valuable content that draws them to you. This helps establish you as an authority and builds a stronger connection with your audience

2. Higher Quality Leads: With attraction marketing, the leads you generate are often higher quality because they’ve shown an interest in your content and your business. They’re more likely to be interested in what you have to offer, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

3. Cost-Effective: Attraction marketing can be more cost-effective than cold calling. Creating and sharing valuable content can have a long-term impact, attracting leads and customers over time, whereas cold calling often requires a significant investment of time for each call.

4. Less Intrusive: Many people find cold calls intrusive and annoying. Attraction marketing is less intrusive because it’s based on providing value and attracting people who are interested in what you have to offer.

5. Scalability: Attraction marketing is more scalable than cold calling. You can reach a large audience with your content, whereas cold calling is limited by the number of calls you can make in a day.

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