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  In his groundbreaking work, Dr. Masaru Emoto talked about  how  groups of people have gathered around polluted bodies of water and sent good intentions for cleansing them. In these cases, the combined intention actually caused the water to be measurably clearer. Likewise, repeated studies are documented that show when focus groups concentrate on reducing a certain city’s crime rate, crime drops to a statistically significant degree for an approximate 24 hour period. In an additional study shared by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a prayer group was able to successfully unwind strands of DNA in test tubes up to 25% of the time. This all takes talent, right?

No. It takes intention, emotion, and directed focus.

While the power of our minds is beyond anything science can currently understand or even calculate, we know that intention–when executed correctly–can be very powerful. When you take the focused intent of more than one mind, especially when those minds are honed in on the same thing and in the right way, the results can be astonishing. Now you can experience this power first hand, and get something beyond unraveled DNA strands.

I’m holding a Group Intentions Medicreation and the first one is FREE!!!! Let me tell you how this works and what you can get out of it. First of all, we’ll all put our intentions on one thing, and each month (or so) it will be something different. Then after a few minutes of that, I’ll lead you into a guided meditation that helps you focus on YOUR OWN PERSONAL INTENTION. Then as a group, we’ll put our intentions on everyone else’s all coming to pass (for the greatest good of all involved). So what you’re getting is an hour of instructive effort that puts you in touch with your intention in a very powerful way, as well as a group of other people all focusing on your intention coming true. It’s like prayer group on crack!

We’ll also use brain synchronicity music in the background that helps slow your brainwaves and enables you to visualize more effectively. This stuff really works. Our first intention-setting will be on Julia Stanley-Metz, our local Sacramento yogi who was selected as one of the four finalist for the Lays potato chip competition (SAVE MANGO).  Julia’s good intention had her picked out of FOURTEEN MILLION SUBMISSIONS. If she wins, she can fulfill her dream of supporting caregivers with the gift of yoga, especially caregivers of Alzheimers, the disease her father suffers from. As a side-note, Julia did not set an intention to win. In fact, she simply set an intention for something nice to happen. When you set intentions from a clear heart-space, they manifest even faster. Just see how sweet she is on this video here.

NOW…Something very important to note: When you give, you get back. I honestly think that’s one of the reasons Julia was selected in the first place. You see, Julia has been deeply concerned about not only her father, but about how her mother’s been holding up since care givers are often survived by those they care for. Call it karma, good luck, or extra credit, but it’s true: what you give out, you get back. All the time, every time. So you see, even during the parts of our intention-setting for someone else, you are indeed increasing credit toward your own well-being.  Please join us and see what I mean:  

Saturday, October 11th, 2014  

Arden Hot Yoga, 4128 El Camino, Sac. 

12:30-1:30 PM (RSVP Required!)

Again, since this first one is free, we’re asking that you do not sign up unless you are absolutely certain you will attend because we will have to stop taking RSVP’s once we hit 50 people.

(Dress comfy, bring a mat or a towel. We’ll have chairs for those who prefer them, and you may wish to bring water)

BELIEVE You are in charge of you. The choices you make and the actions you take. Start now to meditate, medicreate, and intend. It will change your life.