Neuroscience is the sexiest thing since Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise if you ask me.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’ve always been a big fan of the unknown powers of the mind (and Brad Pitt). Yeah, I was the kid at the garage sales spending her meager allowance on books with titles like, “How to Hypnotize Anyone” and “The Secret Powers of Your Mind.” That was me. Age ten (I sill have the first one). Fast forward to a couple degrees and certifications later, and I’m still up to my old tricks, but you know what? They work. And neuroscience explains how (finally).

Simply put we now know that we’re not “stuck” thinking the past thoughts that we’ve been running on cruise control for the majority of our lives. It works like this: the majority of our outcomes (aka the things we have in our lives now–both good and not so good) are a result of our past actions (behaviors). Would you agree so far?  Well, the challenge we have is that most of those past actions are based on past thinking that is largely (95% give or take) subconscious. So in order to change old thoughts that no longer serve us, we must replace old thought with new ones. We know now that the brain is plastic like a wad of Silly Putty, so with a little rolling around (thought/emotion management), we can create new grooves (neuropathways) that will eventually become our new, ingrained ways of thinking. New thoughts on the subconscious level creates new actions on all levels.

Neuroplasticity is simply the term neuroscientists use to talk about changes in the brain. But what it really means is that our brains, like plastic, are mold-able and can continue growing into late life. They used to think that once we hit our 30’s, we were doomed with withering walnuts inside our heads. Now, however, we can use our thoughts to create stronger, more pliable neuropathways that can result in literally wiping out old habitual ways of thinking that cause, well, habitual ways of thinking. Remember, our thinking precedes our feelings which precede our actions. And actions are everything when it comes to success.

But what about the Fairy Dust?

You want magic? Great, because it’s not in short supply. Quantum physics is no laughing matter when it comes to crazy, but guys who win Nobel Peace Prizes (aka geniuses) know that it’s true. While science has yet to catch up with the miracle-making possibilities that await each of us, it knows enough to tell us that our thoughts vibrate at particular frequencies, and that when matched with emotions of equal and elevated intensity and expectation, it’s entirely possible to “change” things in our physical environment. Mind over matter, baby, full throttle.

The Field of infinite possibilities is comprised of subatomic waves and particles. That’s science. It’s also science that shows us that these waves and particles are interchangeable and can be influenced by thought. So when you add all this together, it’s pretty undeniable that when we use neuroscience to change our thoughts to the degree we can connect with the quantum field, we can create our intentions. Change starts in our brains, so you can start creating new thoughts now. Today! But it takes commitment and practice, and I can show you how with my process called “Medicreation.”

Neuroscience and quantum physics can make all the difference in your success (not to mention your health and your love life too–sorry, Brad is already taken).


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