Tamara Dorris

Ways to Work with Tamara

With a new year and a new onslaught of cool energy clearing, intention-getting tools and technologies, I’ve found it necessary to update my offerings. Here are current ways you can work with me to help raise your frequency, clear your unconscious and unwanted blocks, and create the intentions you want to draw into your life:

Wellness Scan:                    $180 

Energy Coaching Scan:       $180
Remote Intention Session:  $125                         Live Intention Session: $300
*INNER ALCHEMY:               $999
     Includes 3 1-hour sessions with 2 scans, audios, and basic training
   *(pre-requisite of Intention Academy)
INTENTION ACADEMY:      Contact Here
      Includes 8 robust learning modules to go through at your own pace, repeatedly, that combines videos, audios, worksheets and more
      Cost of Inner Alchemy is deducted from tuition
      One monthly group coaching call
     One monthly group intention call
     One monthly remote balancing session (performed remotely to the group as a whole via Radionics)
      Private FB group and support
     Discounts on single sessions and scans, books, products, and online events