toothfairy2small Remember getting or putting a buck under a pillow? Well here’s your chance to rekindle that nostalgic moment and help someone out.  I’m a big believer that what we put out always comes back to us multiplied. This goes for love, money, the thoughts we think, or the words we say. Thus, whenever we do something that can truly help someone else out, we are simply taking advanced reservations of all  that good coming right back to us. Under our own pillow, if you will. Lisa Caza is a dear friend of mine. A very talented individual who offers her insights on this popular radio show, and does more than her fair share of helping people around the world with her special kind of counseling at a super affordable price. But now, she needs help. Lisa has had a hard life, and as a result, is very ill. She needs to have her teeth surgically removed to stop the terrible infection that’s taken over her body. I’ll let you read in her own words how this happened and what she is hoping for, but the bottom line is this: the woman needs some falsies. Teeth, I mean. So I figure that some people might be willing to play Tooth Fairy for a few minutes and pop a buck under her virtual pillow. I’m not sure if we can find 10,000 tooth fairies, but who knows, maybe some angels out there will match my 100 in the name of “good karma coming”? Anyway, here’s the link if you want to read more, fork up a buck or two, and do your good deed for the day. I know Lisa appreciates it madly and is embarrassed to ask for help, but at the end of her rope she is. Love you all, Tamara