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We all know it.

Stress compromises our immune systems, causes us to gain weight, and is just plain bad for us. I find the more I speak, teach, and coach, the more rampant stress has become today than it was when I first entered the personal development industry almost 15 years ago. Why is that? Perhaps our “stress epidemic” is a result of moving too fast at warp speed. Think about it–most of us are hyper-focused on how we can get things done faster and easier, right? Seeing something the other day on Facebook about drive thru funeralshad to be the icing on the fat free cake. I don’t even want people to see me dead, let alone have someone accidentally order a cheeseburger at my last gig. So why are we so stressed out?

I think it’s a self-perpetuating spiral that stems from a deeper need to be accepted, admired, and adored. But then I think a lot of things stem from our subconscious programming (because most of them do). At any rate, the good news is that there is help that goes beyond popping a pill (please don’t), or having a heart attack (definitely don’t). New research in brain science confirms that it’s never too late to train our brains to work in new ways.  Neuroscience and psychology are providing new pathways for new neuropathways that literally rewire the way you think.  Stress is ultimately about our internal reaction to external circumstances, so when we address it at that level, we can gain much more control over our responses to events in our lives.

I’m reading an excellent book by Don Joseph Goewey called, The End of Stress, Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain. This book is a must-have for people who recognizes that stress is impacting their lives. And here’s a newsflash: that includes all of us.

Three Ways to Reduce Stress

1)  Read the book above! Tune in to hear the author on my show this week too. If you read his bio on the  show page, I think you’ll see that his experience and background are most impressive, and as I said, his book rocks, so get it here.

2) Try yoga. I know, I know, but trust me. There are so many kinds of yoga that virtually anyone can find something that works. I recently tried restorative yoga, and honestly, it was almost like taking a nap–but it’s amazing. My good friend Norm wrote this article for the Huff Post on the benefits of yoga, so give it a read. Even if you can’t make it to a studio, consider some form of yoga stretching at home before bed or before you start your day.

3) Meditate. You knew that was coming right? I mean, how can a meditation teacher not tell you to meditate? And of course, I’m rather fond of my own brand of Medicreation where you add your intentions and rewire your brain for positive change. One of the biggest beefs I hear from my readers and workshop participants is that it’s “too hard” to sit still and calm down. And of course, that’s because our brainwaves are on overdrive. I am a big proponent of brain entrainment technology which helps you reach a deeper meditative (or Medicreative) state faster (and we like fast, right?) You can even try it free on my site, or you can use the link and shop around.

Above all, give yourself permission to be present. Take your time, don’t take yourself so seriously, and enjoy the ride. Life is too short to  to short-circuit out because of something someone said or did. Take control of your mind and your emotions and live more fully.