At least once a week I get a PM from someone whose read my Morty book or my real estate book saying this same thing. In fact, in my real estate coaching club, we address it often, too. It goes like this:

  1. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Why is this so hard?
  3. When will it start to work?

These are all respectable questions, so I’d like to address them one by one, and then add a little extra icing on the medicreating cake.

1) You aren’t doing anything wrong. This is a typical question that we all are guilty of asking from time to time, if only in our own, private thoughts. We must remember that it took an entire lifetime of programming and conditioning that have resulted in the current life, belief system, and neural network that you now have. While I totally get that we live in an instagram society, some things take longer than five minutes to show results. If you are sitting upright, listening to brain wave technology, imagining your Ideal Outcome with such intensity that you FEEL how it would feel if it were happening right now (because it is), then you are doing things perfectly. Quantum mechanics proves there is no distance in time and space. Every potential exists in the universe at the same time, so your job is to create a new future for yourself mentally and emotionally. You must step into that new, improved future everyday with energy and appreciation.

2) See, I find this question funny, and let me tell you why using real estate as an example. Agents that are high-strung and stressed-out have a really hard time calming down and committing to the practice. I get that, because I’ve been one of them my whole life. However, what’s hard is pounding on doors, stress eating and drinking, calling people we don’t know (or else beating ourselves up because we couldn’t muster the courage). To me, those things are WAY harder. The most challenging thing for most people with medicreation is simply doing nothing. That’s damn tough, isn’t it? But the brain wave technology is specifically designed to kind of “force” your brain waves to decrease to the alpha level, which is when your body and mind enter a meditative state. From there, the image and emotion you imprint on your subconscious mind has both a biological and neurological impact that helps you imprint your Ideal Outcome into the quantum consciousness in a way that tells your subconscious mind its already had the experience you’re imagining, because on one level you have. That level is the level of creation. Some people have to sit 45 minutes before they can calm down enough to forget their current external world and enter into the recesses of a relaxed mind where they can create. It’s worth the time, and it will eventually take much less time with practice.

3) When will it start to work? Easy. When you no longer care if it does. Yes, I know, that sounds snarky and counter intuitive at the same time, but hear me out. First of all, when you are deeply committed to your practice, your brain and body will eventually begin having the experience you are imagining. When that happens, you already own the emotion of having it, right? It feels so delicious, and you’re so certain of it manifesting in your physical world, that you are not the slightest bit worried about it not coming to fruition. I realize it sounds backward, but it’s really true: Feel like you already have it before you do and you’ll get it faster. Secondly, when we ask the question “when will it work?” what are we noticing? We’re noticing that nothing has changed (as far as we see, and we do not see nearly as far as we think we do, friends). If we’re noticing nothing has changed, we’ve just shifted our energy from focusing on a future we’re in love with, back to a present reality we’re often just putting up with. Our external world won’t change the way we want it to until and unless we can change our inner world to reflect that new realty we wish to create.

I know when I first started teaching this philosophy more than 17 years ago, a lot of people considered it new-agey. Fortunately now, science has my back, so there’s really no longer any need to doubt if this works. This works. The challenges we have (in addition to those addressed above) are, in my experience, as follows:

  • We don’t actually believe we can have what it is we’re medicreating. This is often on an unconscious level, and can be related to any number of self-limiting beliefs about worthiness/deserving, etc. But ultimately, it keeps us from really forming the image and feeling the emotion of us already having it. This can be a deal-breaker.
  • We step out of our medicreation practice and mismanage our emotions the rest of the day by living in reactive mode, not caring for our bodies or our brains in ways that keep our energy in alignment with our Ideal Outcome.

One thing that can be extremely helpful is a mentor or coach to help you through these things so that you go deeper and get faster results. Part of the practice is being okay where you are while at the same time, eager to get where you’re going. It’s an art of sorts, but very well worth it.

Another thing that’s helpful is to have a guided medicreation session to refuel your tank. In other words, with my real estate coaching clients, we have weekly or bi-monthly medicreation sessions based on the client’s Ideal Outcome that helps them get in their groove. This helps them improve their daily practice. Consider reading your Ideal Outcome with excitement and emotion, into a recorder and then listening to it a few times a week to keep you on track.

If you’d like to read one of my books: Law of Distraction is a humorous approach (and there is also with a workbook to workout the beliefs that might be holding you back). If you’re in real estate, by all means get a copy of Mind Over Market. That book also has a workbook for tracking progress and achievements. And if you just want to journal appreciation, create a bucket list, and record your joyful life, then how about the Joy Journal?