Sometimes I hear people say things like, “I guess the universe is testing me,” or “Why does the universe keep testing me like that?” (Add your own dramatic whining for impact). But, as my angel friend named Morty once told me, there are no quizzes in Heaven. So unless you’re still in high school or standing in a long line at the DMV, chances are you won’t be tested anytime soon. The truth is that the universe has other, more pressing matters to tend to, such as holding itself together by keeping the electrons and protons of several hundreds of  billions of galaxies in working order. A fairly tall task I’d say. So do you really think the universe might put the Milky Way on hold for a few minutes to test you on your faith? Yeah, me neither.

When things don’t go our way it’s always the result of our previous thinking. End of story. Sure, it may be something cruel we said or did, but even those things start with thought. It would be impossible to have a kind thought and then kick the dog; thoughts precede everything. We have to remember that any thought we have that isn’t joy-filled is fair game for the boomerang effect. The boomerang effect simply says that we never, ever, ever get away with thinking something about ourselves or someone else that won’t come back at us like a boomerang. When we entertain serious self-doubt, fear, hate, anger or sadness, that boomerang may smack us in the head like at a really bad day at the dog park.

It’s also important to note that time is not always linear in how things come back to be with us. The universe doesn’t seem to be on the same schedule as say, your local post office or the UPS guy. You may think something snarky on Monday and get boomeranged back in the head two weeks later. And then there you are, rubbing your little wounded forehead at the scene of your fender bender asking, “why does the universe keep testing me like this?” Other times, things come seemingly out of the blue, just like a boomerang in slow-mo, but trust me, just because you don’t remember tossing it out there doesn’t mean you didn’t. Boomerangs are smart like that.

Sometimes at workshops people will tell me how excited they are that the universe “rewarded” them, and I usually let it slide. After all, it’s never a bad idea to wink up at the sky and give the Big Guy a little credit now and then (can you imagine how heavy Jupiter must get?). But in truth, the same thing applies: you experienced some really great thoughts –that were accompanied by some really joyful feelings—and they’re coming back to be with you. Only on these occasions, that boomerangs sails softly into your hands and you start doing the victory dance for catching it with such grace and ease.

I know some of you came to this post with your pencils sharpened and your thinking caps screwed on tightly, and since I hate to disappoint I thought I’d prepare a short T/F test that the universe might give you, just to make you happy. Ready?

  1.  If I yell at my neighbor for parking in my space it’s not going to matter:                              T  F
  2. If I hold the door open for that little old man I’m boomeranging out in the right way:    T  F
  3. If I say, think, or do something really unkind, it will never catch up with me:                   T  F
  4. The universe plays favorites and I always get ripped off:                                                              T F
  5. If I respond rather than react I’ll get hit in the head a heck of a lot less:                                T F

Well? How’d you do? Here’s the thing: the quality of your thoughts and emotions are clear indicators of the quality of your life. The things you thought yesterday have resulted in the life you are living today and the things you are thinking today are laying the foundation for what you’ll be living tomorrow. No one ever said it was easy. Shit happens. People get sick, fired, lose their homes, and even say mean things about you in line at the drive-thru.

The key, I really believe, is to respond as elegantly as we are able with as little ruckus and fuss and drama as possible. Once we pick ourselves up from a rough patch, and then manage to maintain a mostly positive and joyful mind-set, we’ll begin to understand that we ourselves are the true test-givers, and that it’s perfectly fine to sneak a peek at the answers since the only grade book there is belongs to us. No studying necessary, just plenty of practicing. Re-wiring your brain is the best way ever to override bad beliefs, reduce stress and create change. Do you Medicreate? Start now!

Make it a great week!

The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention

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