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There is indeed a science to success. In fact, I’m fairly confident in saying that it involves the following respected sciences: Biology, Neuroscience, Psychology  (shut up, it counts), and Quantum physics. I can summarize it for you in a way that makes no sense at all, but wait! First I want to add a fact that is very relevant to this discussion. The important and interesting consideration here is that the spiritual masters have been proclaiming the same ‘facts’ that science is just now  catching up with (visual: a scientist in a lab coat chasing Jesus).

If you’re like me, you have a little beehive full of honey in your sock drawer…no wait, that’s not what I meant. Oh yeah…if you’re like me, you prefer to understand the science behind the stuff you talk about at cocktail parties. Mainly, because it makes you sound really smart (MC Squared was a really bad rock band but subatomic particles decimate at the speed of light, just ask Neals Bohr). You get the point. is true that many of us prefer the facts, Perry Mason style if you please. So here is it in black and white:

The Universe is comprised of subatomic waves and particles that are proven to be affected by vibration. Thoughts and feelings create an electromagnetic force that vibrates….hmmm….think we’re on to something here? Oh yes. Add to that can of mixed nuts the fact that the quantum model and really some really smart physicists tell us that all possibilities exist at the same time (I’m waiting for the one where the IRS doesn’t hate me), thus, those focused thoughts of yours can actually impact energy…um, because your thoughts and feelings ARE energy. So the saying ‘mind over matter’ is not just a snappy thing to shout when you cut  a cop off on the freeway (this is not a good idea when his sirens are on. Just trust me on that).

The energy we send out has the potential power to affect waves in ways that manifest into matter. Now I’m not saying that I can stare at this glass of water and turn it into wine. Wait a minute…who took my wine?! But I AM saying that with a focused and clear mind, much more is possible than most of us are willing to recognize. Now let’s contrast that with some spiritual stuff.

Faith is simply the opposite of fear, right? Let’s just say I’m full of beans (mmmmburritos), then you explain how Jesus turned water into wine. What? You weren’t there? Oh silly, silly bear. Faith is simply stepping out on a branch (test it first with my mother if you must), and experimenting with all the science stuff. And once you realize that it’s all the same, you’ll feel much better (and please don’t tell my mom I volunteered her like that). Your thoughts and feelings are like magnets, like it or not, and faith adds to the positive emotions because you’re being grateful for something you desire before you even have it. Simple, right?

I love that we’re alive in a time where science and spirit are coming closer together. It’s not like they’re having tea parties or anything quite yet, but fewer fundamentalists are calling me a heathen when I talk about thoughts attracting things, and not as many business people say I’m full of quantum crap. Hey, being a quantum crap heathen can really takes its toll on the tender-hearted teachers of the world. That said, if you’re in Sac., we still have a few spots left for our Intentions Intensive over at Arden Hot Yoga this Saturday (8/2) from 1-3. No yoga and no chanting, but a good combination of science with just enough spirit to make you smile.  Here’s the link.

And if you haven’t read the book yet, The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention, one must ask, WHY NOT?!?!!?

Here’s the Yoga Hop #13  for Yoga-Centric.

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Make it a beautiful week!