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The Science of Intention

The science of intention just got sexier, and by that I mean, there’s been some major new developments that are so awesome and easy to apply that you can start immediately. Lynne McTaggart is a one of my all-time favorite science authors who has not only been a relentless researcher into intentions and the quantum field, but she’s already conducted some super cool intention experiments that have gone global.

Now, as someone who’s been studying the science of intention for more than two decades, I’ve also read plenty of other research on group prayer and group intention, but Lynne’s latest work has revealed something that I think we all know intuitively (if only very deep down inside).

Science of Intention

Are you ready for Science of Intention?

In these group intention experiments where individuals were intending for a certain outcome, whether it be to reduce violence in a particular region at a certain time, the clear polluted water, or even heal someone’s disease, the BIGGEST results came to the intenders!

Let me repeat that.

So while the target person or thing being intended for usually always had results that were statistically significant, it seems those who were doing the intending unknowingly and unexpectedly, enjoyed all sorts of “borrowed” benefits as well. McTaggart calls this the “rebound” effect, but basically, it’s all about what you put out there is what you get back.

Now in quantum mechanics, where we understand that on a sub atomic level all things are actually ONE thing…in other words, we are all connected…this makes perfect sense. And if you prefer a more spiritual explanation, it’s simply the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Now let’s look at this for your real estate business!

How easy is it to bless others with good Science of Intention? SUPER EASY! Every person you pass on the street or in your car, every person whose posts you like or comment on, and of course your family and friends. Whether you call it intentions or prayers matter not. 

The idea is that you are spending a few minute of your mind-time sending good wishes and positive intentions for another human being. And, according to McTaggart’s research, distance is completely irrelevant as evidenced by her peace experiments for Saudi Arabia.

This works!

One of the things I do in my real estate coaching program that you can try on your own is to simply form small groups and have weekly “sessions” where you intend for one another. You can do this with family or friends or even other agents from your office. 

And, although I do not subscribe to the scarcity mindset of competition, I have found in my one small group coaching that participants do best when there is no one else from their market in the group. I believe this is because on an unconscious level, it’s our human nature to think there is never enough.
There is always enough.

So what are you waiting for?! Start sending good intentions today, with genuine, heartfelt joy and positive expectation for the recipient and notice how, over time, your whole life takes on a whole new shine. In fact, as you read this, just know that I am sending YOU the most prosperous, hopeful, positive outcomes for your business and your life.

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