Aren’t you glad you only have to read this one blog post and then you’ll know all of everything for all of ever? Thank me later. Okay, before you write me off as being a little flippant about something as important as, say your life, just hear me out. Read the following sentence and see how it sits with your serious self. If you want to read the rest, well, who am I to stop you?

The answer to getting virtually anything you want is alignment. Your energy, attention, and actions must be in alignment with the intention you have set. Easy Breezy.

As simple as it sounds and as profoundly true as it is, it continues to be something the masses struggle with–even those who know it’s true (like me). Let’s break it down:

Energy. Your energy, your life force, your emotions–matter. Your heart’s magnetic energy radiates something like five football fields (don’t quote me on that). Like it our not, we all vibrate at a certain frequency that is either in alignment with our intentions, or not in alignment with them. The best way to keep your energy in alignment with whatever it is you have your little heart set on, is to capture and keep the feeling of having that intention already met. I’m not saying you need to dance around sprinkling rose petals all over the place, but by god, you ought to feel like you could.

Attention. Your attention must be in alignment with your intentions, too. If you are constantly distracted by late bills, bad boyfriends, dogs that bark for no reason (what? just me?) then you are not keeping your attention in alignment. Just think about this: if you won the lottery, for instance, would you really sweat the fact that your cell phone bill is so high, your boss is in a bad mood, or your mother called complaining (again)? Of course not. Keeping our focus on the things we desire in spite of the fact they’re not already here is the goal.

Action. Your action is two-fold. Granted you may still need to feed the cat, pay taxes, and tolerate your in-laws, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some kind of action every day that takes you toward your intention. Some examples might be: reading up on the topic, making a call, or sending an email. Even the simplest things move you in the right direction. The second part of action is in ‘acting as if.’ When we act as if we already have our intentions sitting in our laps, it’s easier to keep our energy and attention and activities all in alignment with them.

While you’ll need to read one of my books to learn more–okay, you could do a Google search too, but then how would I buy more wine?–the truth is that this is all supported by biology, psychology, quantum physics, and neuroscience.  We can create our intentions. The catch is that keeping our energy, attention, and actions in alignment with our intentions is beyond challenging for most of us. This is why what I call Medicreation is soooooo important.

We have to take time out from the external world and focus internally, getting everything in alignment with our intentions. That daily practice not only helps us attract more of what we want in life, it also helps keep the rest of the day–filled with external noise, distractions, and upsets–much more easy to manage. The saying is true: spend time within, or go without. Stay aligned and stay inspired. my friends. xoxo

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