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The Energetics of Health

“One of the gravest mistakes of modern medicine is the sole focus on the physical when all illness derives from the invisible.”

Sure, when you are sick or hurt, you want—need—physical relief. You and your trusted health care professional should address the physical source of the problem. That might be through nutrients and supplements, micro current, acupuncture or some other modality—perhaps even involving surgery or medicine. Nevertheless, once that physical source of discomfort is removed, many patients only experience temporary relief. In other words, if the “invisible” hasn’t been addressed, symptoms of the same or a different kind will present eventually. This is where energy work and energy medicine come into play.

It’s important to understand the three pillars of wellness: the physical, the energetic, and the emotional (or subconscious). Here I will discuss this as it pertains to your physical well-being and ways that can help when you are suffering from any medical condition. While I prefer to work with people in preventative or post health crises mode so that all of their energy can be focused on amazing intentions for their overall well being and abundance, I sometimes am part of the healing journey. I also work alongside health care practitioners to help expedite healing and get to the ultimate source, which is even beyond your energy system.

So what is the ultimate causality? In a word, your subconscious mind. That is the third and quite often non-acknowledged pillar. This aspect of you is a combination of your prenatal to age seven programming that actually becomes part of both your body and your energy system and field. In fact, you could call your subconscious mind a combo of these two components. A life time of emotional reactions, always associated with stress hormones, has created energy fields in many of us that are stagnant and scattered. Medical science proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that all illnesses and chronic conditions are either contributed by (100%) or caused by (95%) emotional stress.

Hence, if the invisible is not addressed, the physical healing will never be 100% complete. Whenever a physical condition exists, a corresponding energy center of the body must be addressed. This is the second pillar. For example, if you struggle with cancer of the pancreas, we want to address the energy center associated with that condition. In this case, it would be the third energy center, also known as the solar plexus chakra. Each energy center is associated with one of the human body’s hormonal systems. So what are some of the ways we would accomplish this? Fortunately, there are energy modalities that can be an adjunct to your health care practitioner’s efforts. I would use micro current with a 3rd chakra specific frequency to help balance and heal that energy center.

I may also use tuning forks, Rife stickers or DNA remote entanglement, and Scalar healing. All of that will help balance the deficit, but have we made permanent change? Sadly, in most cases, we have not.

While we certainly helped and perhaps expedited the physical healing journey, we must remember that while the invisible energy we worked on is in better alignment, we haven’t affected the source; the subconscious mind, the third pillar. Sure, adding energy work to your healing journey is hugely beneficial, but until and unless we get to that pesky root problem of our unconscious programming that has had us overreacting to external stimuli our entire lives, we have more or less healed a symptom of the problem, not the source.

The source of all illness can be related to the subconscious mind which influences both our energy centers and our bio field (auric field) which eventually, after a life time of reactive emotions, presents itself in the physical body in the form of an illness, injury, or chronic condition. We understand that while we can separate and address each of the three pillars (physical attention, energy work, subconscious programming) in different ways, it’s essential to understand they are interconnected with one another.

The challenge of the ages has been in treating this third pillar, albeit the one that is most often overlooked. Physical and energy work can be done to us, but subconscious re-balancing and clearing is done by us, making it easy to understand why it’s the most overlooked component to well being. That’s not to say that we cannot find tools and support with this aspect; it’s the bedrock of my work. However, unlike an acupuncture session, where you lay there and space out, the subconscious reprogramming work requires your active participation.

Research shows that one of the most effective modes to effect change on the unconscious level is through sound and frequency. “Sound healing” is an interesting phrase that encompasses not only sounds you can hear, but those that fall below the level of what is audible. In some cases, it’s more appropriate to say frequency healing, since all sound—audible or not—is really frequency. Some frequencies we can hear, like a tuning fork, and some we can see but not hear, like a weighted tuning fork.

Everything has a frequency, including humans, music, and even the Earth which is known as the Shuman Resonance Frequency (7.8 hertz). Even your organs each vibrate at certain frequencies, which is one of the reasons they can be treated energetically by sending the organ its own specific frequency which can cause the organ to resonate in a way that will be strengthening to the cells, or conversely, a frequency can serve to destroy pathogens and toxins (one of many good examples of how Pillars One and Two entangle). So how do we get Pillar Three on board?

Not surprisingly, since the subconscious mind is largely related to our emotions, it’s important our physical body feels good and our energy body does too. When these two are in place we can say that we are vibrating at a high frequency, which is essential for radiant health. So those two pillars are pre-requisites to working on the third one, hopefully simultaneously.

I don’t like the words curing or fixing when it comes to our subconscious minds because even if our physical condition is healed and our energy is in good alignment, the subconscious programming from our childhood can pop up at any time. And over time, with enough external or internal stressors, our energy systems can get thrown off again, leading to a new set of health issues. In other words, we never really cure our subconscious mind; we reprogram it and learn tame it in ways that bring health instead of disease. When our health is good and our energy vibrating well, we become less reactive and more harmonious which is the basis and definition of emotional management.

Recall I said the third pillar requires your active participation? That’s because there is no more powerful vibration in the world than your own intention. The way I address third pillar in my clients (both those with health issues and energy coaching) is through Medicreation. Medicreation is simply the act of using your imagination and joyful emotions to reverse unconscious conditioning that I guarantee has affected your life in numerous ways.

Out of 22 well-researched books, virtually all of them focus on this thing I call Medicreation. That is how important it is. With health clients I create a unique recording that addresses their specific condition. I also rely on Solfeggio Tunes and Binaural beats to help the brain reach the alpha/theta level where the real change occurs. That said, it doesn’t mean you can just listen and not participate.

At the risk of sounding brief (you can read my books for more details), when your brainwaves are at a reduced level AND you imagine something you want (healing or success, for example) AND you cause yourself to feel the emotion of already having received that intention, you create powerful change. You have connected to the quantum field or multiverse where the possibility of what you want already exists. You have “reprogrammed” your subconscious mind so that the stories embedded in it currently are, over time, cleared out and replaced with preferable stories. You have also made new neural connections which further support subconscious rewiring. This is the most difficult aspect of healing because people are reluctant to do it, yet it is the FOUNDATION of long term health and happiness.

With a dedicated practice, not only will this assist you in healing your body and/or creating the conditions you want in your life, it will help you enjoy much less stress in your day. I would add that all the Medicreation in the world will not help if you open your eyes from a session and start freaking out about a Facebook post or what a bone head politician did last week. And if you are dealing with disease, focusing on the fear of said disease should be avoided. You want to see, feel, and trust you are healthy and well.

We must embody the change we want to experience. Key concept. Along those lines, it’s essential that we do address emotional triggers as they arise through EFT and simple awareness, but that’s another post. Please remember that healing is a three pillar approach, and the third pillar is essential for long term results. It’s easy as heck to implement and I am happy to help you. Just look under “Courses” to see what options I have available for both remote and some in-person services.

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