Tamara Dorris

That Sneaky Subconscious Mind and How it Messes with Manifesting

Make no mistake about it; your subconscious mind is running your life. To be clear, though, it’s actually trying to help you. You might be thinking, wait a minute, how can a self-limiting thought be helpful? This is because whatever false beliefs you accepted as real, such as, you’re not good enough, money is hard to come by, or you don’t deserve great things were originally programmed in as a way to protect yourself. Follow me here; let’s say you were five years old and brought home a finger painting. You were pretty sure your mother was going to going to be so over the moon excited about it that you couldn’t wait to show her. Unfortunately, on that particular day, Mom had a headache, a hangover, or maybe a disagreement with a co-worker and her mind was completely distracted. What you thought was going to be a grand celebration of your artistic genius turned into a sour disappointment.

Over time and with repetition of similar events, your brain, in all its efforts to protect you, created a network of neurons that put things on autopilot. Thus, let’s say those types of events led you to interpret yourself as being not good enough or always in the way or whatever other false story your mind made up to keep you safe. Make sense?

That’s why when it’s time to do something that will help you grow your business, like a social media live or get in shape, like going to a yoga class, your subconscious brain will shoot you a text that pretty much tells you not to waste your time. It’s trying to help you avoid the icky feelings it knows you associate with feeling unworthy or whatever other story you’ve been harboring. This is why we must always assume our fears and triggers are based on upper-limit beliefs.

In energy work there’s a saying that the issues are in the tissues. What that means is that repressed emotions and limiting beliefs more or less get stuck in our physical bodies. From that perspective, we can understand how our subconscious mind is our physical body, at least in part. Unfortunately, most of us do not like feeling upset. I mean, who would?! But what we must remember is that each time you feel afraid to take action or triggered by something someone says or even by your bank balance, it’s a perfect opportunity to address the subconscious story and remove the issues from your tissues.

All self-limiting beliefs are stories that we’ve adopted to be true and then spent the majority of our lives living within their parameters. Since it’s a known fact that our subconscious brains comprise up to 98% of our thinking, it’s pretty obvious it will win any kind of competition with the conscious brain. For example, let’s say you consciously tell me you want to grow your business leaps and bounds. You want it so bad you can taste it, so why isn’t anything working out? Well, if the other 95-98% of your thinking holds a story that says you aren’t good enough, you can’t make more than your parents, or that you are not competent, it’s going to win.

It’s going to win by causing self-sabotaging behavior and by making you feel physically uncomfortable. In other words, there is no competition between the 5% and the 95%. It’s like David taking on Goliath—at face value. But we know what happened in that story, don’t we? The good news is that you’ve been blessed with your own sling shot of sorts, and that is your imagination and emotions. Since the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what is experienced in imagination, and because that 5% of your conscious brain has free will and is the CEO, you can take over control!

Medicreation is the technique I teach and is the most effective and fastest way I know of in my nearly 30 years of obsessive self-studying to uproot limiting beliefs and get the subconscious mind on board for what you know you want. We do this by convincing it that your intentions have already happened. Next time I’ll cover how we do it and why it works, but for now, just use your imagination the correct way. What is that? To imagine what you want! You may find it hard to believe, but since your subconscious mind is running the show and its main job is to protect you, it is spending most of your waking hours trying to save you from any uncomfortable feelings.

Let’s take control of our subconscious minds through our sacred imaginations and start releasing those self-limiting stories for good.

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