Hide and seek

I’ve been outta my mind excited about my new book project. And I SWEAR it’s going to be my last non-fiction book in all of ever. Or at least until next year. Anywaaaaay…I’m totally on fire about all the amazing visionaries I’ve been researching and writing about, and I can’t wait to be done. In fact, I’m SO excited that I’ll be producing the audio version at the first of the year. The title is VISION, The Power of Belief. Do you love it? Here’s a sample taste for your reading pleasure:


I believe in you.

Now before you pull out your bullshit-meter, let me back that statement up.

It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to a scientific approach or a spiritual one. The jury is back and the truth prevails: we are all connected.

Whether you choose to see it as a subatomic fact of quantum physics or a spiritual truth from thousands of year old texts, there is no denying our interconnection.  We are all–on some level–connected to one another. I cannot do or say something to or about you without somehow doing or saying it to or about myself.

So back to my opening statement: I believe in you.

And dare I say that most people I’ve come across who still haven’t managed to manifest a modicum of their visions, sadly, do not believe in themselves quite enough to pull it off. So here I am. Believing in you and hoping, in some small way, I can show you how to better believe in yourself and your vision.

Inherently, we all know the truths; the difference between right and wrong, that feeling good is better than feeling bad, and that what we really want is somehow within our grasp. With that said though, it seems we can easily forget it when external events distract us from following the path we promised ourselves we would stay on. Think New Year’s resolutions ad nauseam.

My own vision is to remind you that you are a powerful catalyst in your own creative efforts. I hope to help you remember how to believe in yourself and your vision to the extent that you can start living it now.

One thing above all else stands true:

You Can Create a Life You Love.

The natural laws that exist, some even science has yet to fully understand, are all present and accounted for. The problem is that we forget about them and then they work on autopilot. Autopilot isn’t always the best option.

Here is what I have coined the “Simple Truths of Creating Visions:”

  • Our thoughts, feelings, and actions determine our outcomes. Both neuroscience and spirituality tell us that we’ve created this life we are living today based on those elements of yesterday. If you want something new and different, you have to think, feel, and act in new and different ways.
  • Most of us are so busy dealing with the outcomes we created yesterday, that we are too distracted by them to create something new. And how can we if we’re in a constant state of reaction and distraction? If we aren’t willing to change, then by definition, we are willing to keep things exactly as they are.
  • It’s impossible to create something new on the same level we’re experiencing what we’ve already created. If my past thinking resulted in my current problems, I can’t change that thinking while sitting here focusing on my problems. I have to learn to operate on a different level of mind—one that disconnects from the distractions and allows me to create a new outcome for tomorrow.
  • When you uncover your purpose and your passion, believe in your vision in spite of external contradictions, and step outside of your comfort zone to take some kind of action toward it, you cannot fail. People with great vision do not worry about what the neighbors think or how many people liked their latest Facebook post. They are outcome-driven with hearts of service and minds of vision.

Do you believe these simple truths are real?

If you said yes, then maybe I need to call bullshit on you. Now, before you roll your eyes and tell me to get off my high horse, humor me a little. If you really held a bone-deep belief that you could create a much greater version of yourself, living in an amazing vision you desired and designed, wouldn’t you do it?

Of course you would.

If you really believed that keeping your thoughts and feelings in alignment with the greatest version of yourself worked, you would be relentless in your efforts.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s simple, but so hard, that most people will never get a handle on it. We take two steps forward and then three steps back. At that rate, it will take you ten years to make it around the block. You don’t have to be a hamster on a wheel anymore.

Life is too short to die with your dream inside you.

I hope you can remember your own power and recognize it’s been inside you all along. And with belief in that power and your own vision of yourself, you can do anything.

Remember, I believe in you.

Tamara D.