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What is an Intention Session and How Can it Help Me?

Scientific research has shown that distant intention and prayer efforts WORK when certain conditions are met. After more than two decades of study, practice, and experimentation (with everything from water to seedlings to humans) Tamara has honed down the criteria that can increase the likelihood of personal intentions coming to fruition.

The first thing we know is that when more than one person focuses a heartfelt intention on a specific outcome, the positive results are quadrupled. When two people join their hearts, energy, and imagination, the specified results are increased exponentially, so even if that was all there was to it, it would help. But there’s more.

So Tamara’s basically going to hold an intention for me?

Not exactly, but kind of. First we have to get crystal clear on what your intention is. If it’s a personal intention (bigger business, new clients, solve a problem, etc.) then we’ll also look at any “invisible” obstacles that might be sabotaging the outcome you would like. If it’s an intention for someone else (healing disease, for example, we need to ensure the person is open and willing to accept the intention). While Tamara’s work is based on science, she also incorporates tools and techniques that may seem a little more metaphysical than scientific, but you can trust that whether she employees a pendulum, EFT, chakra cards, or relies on her intuition, that everything has a purpose for your greater good.

Your subconscious mind holds at least 95% of your thinking, so while the 5% that comprises your thinking brain (prefrontal cortex) may very much want _______________(fill in the blank), the rest of it may have a very different opinion. Thus, one of the most important things to do is determine if you harbor any limiting blocks or false beliefs that are holding your intention back from occurring. This is where Tamara’s intuition, tools, alchemy and clearing work come into play. (p.s. we can all use subconscious clearing!)

Next we have to craft your intention to a very specific end. The words we use matter and there is an actual process for properly articulating an intention. Intentions must be specific, timely, measurable, and important to you or the person we are intending for. Once we’ve done that, you’ll be given instructions on how to actually hold a timed intention.

The ritual itself is part of the magic. Clearing the space with sage (yes, even using Zoom), using high frequency crystals, and obtaining a meditative state, Tamara will lead the two (or more) of you to the timed intention. The time of each step depends on various factors that will be easier to determine once Tamara has tapped into and joined your energy.

That’s it!

Seedling Experiment 2021 (1)

Well, almost. Tamara will share her impressions and insights and offer any additional advice or steps she might recommend. Also, Tamara keeps an Intention Session Space where your intention is written down and held for one week and personally reviewed and intended via science-backed processes once a day. This space is energetically sacred, blessed, and surrounded by high quality crystals as well as orgone pyramids for amplified energy.

So whether you’re trying to sell a house, secure a new position, attract more clients, help a sick friend or family member, this work is based on both scientific and spiritual principles that have been proven time and time again. The most essential thing to remember is that this intention work is focused on the highest and greatest good for all involved. Sometimes you may want something very badly, have no subconscious blocks about having it, and it still doesn’t happen, yet later on you realize that the life unfolded exactly as it should have. Please read this blog post for more on why this may happen Read here.

Investment: $300.00*

Time:                 50 minutes (approximately)

What now? If this is something you would like to explore, the first step is to email Tamara directly and let her know what your intention is. Don’t worry about crafting it just right; the words don’t matter at this point, but the content does. Tamara does not accept “click here” payments for this service because not all intentions topics will be accepted. In order to have the highest positive results she must feel sure it is an intention she can contribute greatly toward. Payments are made via credit card at the time of the appointment, prior to the session. If your intention is accepted, you’ll be emailed with instructions to help prepare you as well as available time slots. Tamara will do her best to work with your schedule, but sessions require a private, quiet space, access to Zoom video, and your willingness to focus fully on the session.

*Please note: Intention sessions do not come with any guarantees or refunds 

Only one intentions session per client, per year, and Tamara only works with three clients per week

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