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White Light

I’ve been hearing this advice forever: send white light to those who need forgiving.  I get it, and like everyone else, I want to send a lot of white light instead of dirty emails whenever someone does me wrong. Sometimes the emails win, but I use a white background, so that counts, right? And don’t get me started on my mother. I send her so much white light that the woman should be blind by now.

There’s a Hawaiian teaching that I’ve been studying and practicing for a number of years, and I’m beginning to think there’s a whole lot to it. The Kahuna practice of Ho’oponopono is all about forgiving everything and everyone, no questions asked.  You can read more about it on your own (and here’s my favorite of the several books I have), but there’s a documented case where this therapist healed an entire State Hospital (read: nut jobs with bedpans) within a four-year period. What was really significant about the whole thing is that he did this without ever seeing any of the patients. No lollipops or anything,

Say what?

Yep. You’ll read about him in just about all the books on this teaching. Those Hawaiians not only roast a mean pig, but apparently there’s a lot of magic in them there volcanoes. Dr. Lew Hen understood that as the creator of his own reality he must have somehow helped create the creeps in the shackles. So, he’d go to his office every day, hold the file of one of the committed patients, and pray for forgiveness, offering up unconditional love. There’s a particular set of sentences he used and teaches, but you can read about that on your own; Mommy can’t do everything for you, little cub.

So what was once a dark, drab state hospital with most the staff calling in sick, no visitors coming to see the committed, and no kinds of group therapy, was transformed to a happy hospital with frolicking patients and plenty of group hugs. Staff started showing up for work, someone apparently opened the blinds, and visitors started coming to see their now unshackled loved ones. While I acknowledge Lew Hen as being an above-average skilled practitioner of this teaching, I also understand that any of us could achieve similar results.

Say whaaat?  

I know. Call me crazy (just please, spare the shackles), but there are some pretty basic points to be made. First, we really do create our own reality. Quantum physicists–even the hard-core fundamentalists–cannot deny that any object being observed changes, depending on the expectation of the observer (if that made me sound smart, I apologize).  We also know that our thoughts and feelings are interacting with the quantum field at all times. Okay, so if I created everything I experience, that has to mean, I somehow contributed to creating the crappy stuff too, right? This is not a trick question.

Instead, it opens up the fastest way toward emotional repair and free oil changes.  So,  as soon as I acknowledge responsibility for everything I experience, and offer forgiveness for creating crap I don’t like, I can move on. You know, be at peace with the world and drink wheat grass and stuff. Okay, seriously, forgiveness is the fastest freeway to inner peace, like it or not. I tried to ease you into this, but if you’re going to make a fuss, I will have to tie you up and tickle you really hard.

Perhaps on a deeper level (and I have a shovel if you need one), the fact that we are all interconnected comes into play. Science shows us that we are all connected and created by the same energy, right? So when someone does something wrong to me, like say that guy who took the last taco at the party, instead of growling under my breath, I should send him white light and Tabasco sauce. Because in essence, I’m not just forgiving him and releasing grudges that might otherwise hold me back, but I am moving past my own issues and taking control of my life. Never mind the fact that I am still hungry. I forgive the little taco-taker and can always get Red Sun Chinese food.

So go ahead, send someone who’s bugging you some white light today. Even if you have to shove it down their throat, you’ll be a better person in the long run. Forgive and move on. Life is too short for grudges.

In love and white light,

Tamara                                                                                                                    CREATESPACE FRONT COVER

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