Tamara Dorris

The 7 Steps to Real Estate Success Class



What Will You Learn?

This masterclass sums up seven easy-to-follow steps in three, easy-to-understand videos that will help you master the following:

1)    Mindset Management: Learn how to cultivate a positive, growth-oriented mindset that will set the foundation of your success.

2)    Prospecting Perfection: Discover the real secrets to finding the right clients who are ready to buy with this essential shift you’ll learn.

3)    Listing Leverage: Master the art of drawing in sellers that attract buyers through the “Attractor Factor.”

4)    Negotiation Know-how: Develop skills to negotiate better deals and conditions for your clients with your increased creativity.

5)    Closing Confidence: Close more deals in a shorter time frame when you watch the “Objection Reflection” training.

6)    Referral Riches: Learn how to generate a steady stream of referrals to keep your business thriving when you uplevel this single asset.

7)    Marketing Mastery: Discover how magnetic marketing and social media will effectively attract a wider audience in ways that are fun and free.