Tamara Dorris

Orgone Intention Pyramids


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While you can find similar resin pyramids online, we are the only source we know of that does two things that set our pyramids far apart from others. First, each order is custom-made, depending on your intention. That’s right, these are not pre-made, mass-produced just waiting to be sold.

That would defeat the purpose of calling them Intention Pyramids. Sure, you can see some pictures to get some ideas of the colors or style you might like, but when you order yours, you can be assured it will be infused with not only stones that support your goals, crystals and/or stickers that have been imprinted but also, each layer of your pyramid is loving infused with your specific intention. We do this by creating our art in a scalar field, with tuning forks and flower essence to balance energy and create vibration, and of course, pure, meditative intention.

Pyramids come in three sizes and any style can be made in any size

*shipping for all orders is $9 and can be shipped in the USA only


Small, Medium, Large