Tamara Dorris




Holographic stickers hold memory so once they have been imprinted with frequencies, you can use them to help you with just about anything you’ve got going on. All that is necessary is that you place the stickers close to your energy  field (your aura).

We recommend you use surgical tape to tape them to your body part that’s giving you trouble or stick them in your shoes or on your bed post, shiny side facing you.

In the Paypal comments, simply let us know what you would like them for. Here are  your choices:

  • a particular condition, pain, or illness (be specific & read the disclaimer*)
  • spiritual growth and general energy healing, including chakra balance.
  • something to improve such as hair growth, eye sight, digestion, etc.

*Disclaimer: While using imprinted stickers may support healing or energy, it is in no way intended to be a replacement for medical advice. If you are suffering with any kind of medical condition, please consult with a qualified medical professional.