What in the heck is a Joy Journal, you ask? Well, it’s like this. In order to create your intentions you have to be in alignment with them. This isn’t based on airy-fair new-age gobbledy-gook either so quit rolling your eyes (I know who you are). This means your thoughts, emotions and actions have to be in alignment with the intention you’ve set for yourself. Let me use an example from real estate since it seems to be something that will haunt me til I die (only kidding sellers).

Say you want to be a top producing agent, right? Okay, so how does a top producing agent think? Does she focus on her lack of money, how fat she looks in those jeans or something else that’s a total waste of time? Of course not. And how does she feel? Does she maintain a happy, positive outlook and attitude, feeling joy and love most of the time? Because top producers feel pretty dang good. And what about actions? Do you think a successful person just sits there, scrolling Face Book to see how many likes she has on her latest post? (what, just me???). No, she’s making calls, connections and other inspired actions.

I wont even get started on the science here, but you can trust that with our thoughts being electric and our emotions being magnetic, and um, the entire universe being an infinite field of electromagnetic energy, that there is power beyond even what the smartest scientist now know. I wrote Law of Distraction and the accompanying workbook to explain all of this, however, one of the main issues most ALL of us have is staying in alignment with our intentions. You know what I mean, right? The cat barfs in the hallway, you step in it; a deal falls through and then someone says you’re out of wine. Ahg!

The Joy Journal is a low-tech tool to help. I say low-tech because you know, you actually have to think…write…imagine :-). This is a place to plan your intentions, count your many blessings and record positive progress. It’s jam-packed with dozens of inspiriting quotes. And, since only positive things are allowed inside, you can (and should) read it and write in it daily. Once you really feel the emotions of being in alignment with your most audacious intentions–and I mean REALLY feel it–it gets much easier to live them, and ultimately attract them. Isn’t it time you’re the artist of your own life? Me thinketh so.

So here’s the deal: while I prefer to let amazon do the dirty work (aka take orders) I’m so dang excited about this that I thought I’d take some pre-order at a discounted price. This won’t be a kindle book and the normal price is $19.98, but if you order it early it’s only $14.98 (+s/h), PLUS, I’ll personalize your order. Hey, this is a great journal for adults as well as young adults and teens. It’s never too early (or too late) to catch a dream and ride it to fruition.

Trust me, I’d make it free if I could, but Mama’s gotta pay for printing and wine, ya know? Go here and order your little heart out.


Love you madly