My daughter Nichole told me that I mentioned drinking too much in my posts and that I wouldn’t want to give the wrong impression. Then she recanted and said that maybe it was okay because young people drink a lot anyway so they’ll enjoy it. Then I asked her what she thought old people do, jigsaw puzzles?

Nichole is 24, I think. You see, once I reached a certain age, I started taking a year off every time one of my kids had a birthday. Well, when it got to the point that Nichole and I were both 16, I knew one of us had to get older, so now, she’s actually my mom. But, let’s talk about a less psychotic perception than my own.

So yes, on facebook and in my posts I give the perception that I was born with a wine glass in my hand (actually, it was a cork screw, but that’s another story), in reality, however, I start my day with coffee and don’t progress to wine until cocktail hour. Even then, if I’m teaching, working on contracts or doing yoga, I may skip it altogether, because really, last time I drank wine in hot yoga, the instructor got pissy.

Our perceptions color our world.

There’s an old adage about putting three men in a room with an elephant. The men are all standing around different parts of the elephant and they are blind-folded, feeling the elephant. Poor elephant. But when asked what an elephant feels like, one guy describes the ear, another the tail and the other, the trunk. From their limited perceptions, their views are completely accurate.

You see what I mean precious Bambi?

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your view of your financial life, your relationships or your neighbor’s bathroom window (quit spying, dirty little bird). The point is, whatever YOU choose to see, either consciously or unconsciously, is exactly what it true for you. Let Mommy use an example.

In real estate, I often will see this exact scenario: two agents working in the same office, one is prospering and one is not. The one making bank will tell you the market is hot and buyers and sellers are all over the place. The one who is applying at Starbucks to help pay the bills, will tell you the market is horrible and his clients are crazy. They are in the same office and the same market but they are experiencing a completely different outcome. The tricky thing is, they are both right.

Our perceptions paint our reality. Thus, we can only operate within the limits we see for ourselves. I looked out the window this morning and the sunrise was pink, but my pal in New York was talking on facebook about all the snow they were getting. These are real perceptions, but very different (and snow is cold). But beyond that, how many of our perceptions are only real because we ourselves have set silly limits that keep us boxed in some imaginary boundaries?

  •  Is that really all the money you can earn?
  • Are you really unlovable?
  • Do I look fat in these jeans?

Well, do I?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself before assigning a limit to your greatness (and please, get back to me on the jeans, because, um, they feel tight).

What if you woke up today and changed your perceptions to include unlimited abundance, harmonious relationships and all you can eat shrimp? Wouldn’t you approach your day differently? Of course you would! You would make calls you normally put off, try things that might ordinarily scare you, and hey, all that shrimp will be yummy.

 I perceive a world that is peaceful and loving. I perceive unlimited abundance. And, I happen to like wine.

** See the world the way you want to see it, and watch how it changes**

Bear hugs,

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