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Orgone Pyramids

Since I keep getting so many questions about Orgone Pyramids and requests for my pyramids, I thought I would make a post that explains them more fully. Now, if you are simply interested in ordering one and couldn’t give two hoots about what they do and how they can serve you, you can skip to the bottom for sizes and prices. However, if there’s a part of you that understands what powerful healing and manifesting tools they are, read on.

Orgone Pyramids

First off, “orgone” energy is pretty much the same things as what Eastern medicine calls “chi” and yoga calls “prana.” If you want to read more about the specifics behind it, you can visit this site , The Institute of Orgonomic  Science, which carries on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Anyway, the pyramid shape has been a powerful geometric form since, well, the pyramids!

And using metals, especially copper, as well as using crystals, and suspending them in resin amplifies the energy of both the metal and the crystal, thus the environment in which the pyramid is in. This is a wonderful way to protect your family and home from the massive dangers of EMF (think 5 G). If you want to read more about that, read this. So that’s a bit of background as to the general power behind these pyramids, but now let’s talk more about you, specifically, and how they may be able to help you *heal and manifest.

I am getting private messages every day from people who want to order one of my pieces and they inevitably want to know which crystals they should ask for. So this question has two answers which I will do my best to keep short and to the point. 

First off, if you’re attracted to a particular pyramid or stone, then that probably means it’s meant for you and can help you in some way. Other times you may want a certain color scheme so you can display it in a particular room. However, the point I want to make is that even if you’re attracted to one look, but want help in a different area, pyramids allow for me to combine both. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you are attracted to rose quartz (love and heart chakra), but you also want help increasing your abundance and anxiety issues.* Since the both of those tend to be first chakra (root) concerns which deal with survival, I would likely want to add a small garnet, for example. But garnet might not look so great with all the lighter, softer colors, right? Well no problem, because I can sneak a piece in between the layers where it won’t even show.

Cool, huh?! And, if you know me at all, you know that I have written a couple dozen books and teach classes and coach clients on manifesting intentions. That said, each pyramid I make is infused with my intention for your intention coming true. If you want to heal a *bad back, I am working on your pyramid, layer by layer, intending on your strong, healthy back. But let’s go back to all this chakra stuff.

While there are many, many crystals out there that are associated with a variety of things they help with (from health issues, to finance, to relationships, to you-name-it), and I use a lot of them, I’ve found that aligning your intentions to chakras to be an extra boost. Don’t know much about charkas? No worries, I know enough for ten people.

Each person has seven energy centers that are exactly aligned to our primary glandular system, as well as the various issues we grapple with in our lives. As I noted above, the root chakra has to do with survival. Something we are all dealing with these days. Root chakra issues may be related to financial difficulties, for example. In which case, I would add in a root chakra stone. Is this making sense? Want another example?

Let’s say you have *high blood pressure and you’re going through a divorce. I might use jade or rose quartz. So even if, like a few of my new customers, you want a beach theme pyramid, I can easily slip in a small piece of jade and rose quartz and set the intention without anyone ever seeing it (or at least not super obviously).

Basically, you can just private message me and tell me what you’d like help with. You don’t need to tell me your life story and I’m not offering free coaching, I’m just using my intuition and vast education in chakras and stones and intention setting to create a custom piece for you. These pyramids raise the energy in the room and raise your vibration. You can set them in the center of your home and everyone there will benefit from the energy as well as be protected from the EMF pollution (according to my resources).

So whether you want a pretty paperweight or you choose to use your pyramid as the healing and manifesting tool it is, your call, and the prices are below. But first, *my disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose or cure disease, nor am I qualified to try. If you suffer any health condition, please seek professional help. I’m a hypnotherapist, researching, energy-working coach, and I’m just enjoying applying my own energy to my art to help those who are drawn to it.  

Orgone Pyramids

Here are the three sizes I offer: small $40, medium $70, large $100. The shipping cost for one is $8.00 the USA ONLY, if you’re ordering more than one, $10. I’ll cover the extra postage when you order more than two. I take paypal at: tamara2@surewest.net  or you can mail me a check. (the video link says the postage is $5, but that wasn’t covering my costs so I had to hike it up a bit).

Orders can be placed by  facebook messaging  me or email me at Dorris351@gmail.com letting me know the size you want, the color scheme/theme and whatever else you’d like me to address, such as discussed above.

Hope you are healthy and well,