We know, at least on some level, that we “create our own reality.” We may be a little fuzzy on the science or wonder if it’s just some new age expression, but at any rate, we know that we are somehow responsible for our own success. After 20 years of research, I can tell you that science is beginning to prove what spiritual masters have been saying all along. But who cares about all that? What we want to know is simply this:

How do I make this shit work?

Am I right?  I write books and give workshops that explain–in scientific terms–how it all works, but most people aren’t interested in the science. And granted, science can get boring; sub-atomic particles and neuropathways aren’t the sexiest things to talk about (please don’t tell Albert Einstein I said that. I love him.) Nevertheless, here’s a fact you can’t deny:

If we really believed this shit worked, we’d do it everyday.


Am I right again? Score for me! But it’s true. If some magical unicorn, Jesus himself, or the Buddha appeared before your very eyes and said, “Hey, dumb ass, this shit works. Why aren’t you using it?” My bet is that you would first, call your therapist because, well, unicorns don’t exist, but then you’d sit your butt down and think long and hard about the possibility. If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you could envision the life you wanted, and with a disciplined mental practice, you could get it, why in the world would you not do it? You would. You’re not a dumb ass, no matter what the unicorn says.

Here’s what happens: In my experience, people DO realize and recognize that they ARE completely capable of creating a new, improved version of themselves. They do get that their lives could improve immensely. Especially when we throw the indisputable science into the mix. So they put down the book, leave the workshop, or turn off the Wayne Dyer video with all the best intentions to finally, “Give this shit a try.” But then:

They Forget.

We all forget. I mean seriously, it’s not like we can carry Tony Robbins around in our pockets to keep us all bright and peppy. Cars break down, kids get sick, and bills show up. And don’t even get me started on taxes. The point is, we are so immersed in our external environments that we FORGET the importance of our internal environment. And that’s the REAL secret to the secret of creating a better reality: Remembering to actually spend some time designing what you want without the distractions of the outside world. After years of research, I KNOW that my process works if you work it. If you’ve never heard of Medicreation, there’s a free report on my website.

With all that said, I’m super excited to be offering the cheapest ever monthly meet up where we can remember that:

This shit works.


Let me be honest here. I’m not a hundred percent sure what this meet up will look like. A group therapy session? I hope not. A little teaching and discussion? That’s the plan. Not church, not yoga, not even meditation. But instead, a chance for people who get that this works when it’s worked to get together once a month, for an hour or so, to remember. To learn a little more, talk about challenges, and declare and commit to not give up. This is not formal or fancy and there’s no group work or crazy-ass chanting.  You can come to listen and learn, or you can ask questions and share.  Come to get re-inspired, because we all know that the day-to-day stress and struggles can cause us to forget how very powerful we are. If you want to hang out, here’s the details:

When: The last Friday of each month (not Dec.)  OCTOBER 30th

Where: Arden Hot Yoga (don’t worry, no yoga and we’ll have actual chairs to sit in)  4128 El Camino Ave #10, Sacramento, CA 95821  (916) 482-5652

Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Cost: Only $15 or a class pass if you’re a member of the studio