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Dear Universe,

Were you in Star Wars?

I’m just wondering because although I was never much into that particular series of films (unlike my friend Chris who once camped out like 12 years to get tickets). But the more I learn the more I have a funny feeling that when they talk about “the force,” they’re talking about you. In “Secrets to Success,” by Sandra Anne Taylor, she says, “This is the holographic reality of manifestation……your system of thoughts and beliefs is a driving force in the field of universal intention.”


Okay, I’m kidding. I get the whole idea of the matrix, the field and all that quantum physics stuff, ¬†and truth be told, you really could have been the one in Star Wars, because after all, it’s no coincidence that you (aka the source of everything) made George Lucas super rich from his efforts (sorry about Avatar, dude). I guess it doesn’t really matter if we call it the unified field, the force, source, or even chicken soup for the soul, right? The point is there is something out there (aka you) that operates kind of behind the scenes but knows everything and can fix anything including broken hearts, lost souls and more than likely, antique china (I’ve got this tea cup I’d like to show you).

I also think that no matter how much people fight, hurt one another or cheat at freeze tag (hey–we’ve all been there), we realize, on some level, that we’re somehow all connected. Oh, and that there is just one of you, so why in the heck do countries fight over you? Do they not know you’re bi-lingual? I’m guessing you can communicate in any language, include no language at all *points to heart with an all-understanding sigh*.

Maybe you could make another movie that reminds people we’re all on the same side and made out of the same google juice, or beetle juice…oh wait, soul juice, that’s what I was going for. Yeah, we’re all the same on some crazy, wild Einstein, energetic level, right? In the mean time, let’s keep reminding people to be nice to one another, drink wine (Jesus did), and not cheat at Words With Friends (I do).

That’s all for now and may the Force be with you. Oh wait…that is you. You know what I mean. Dang it.

Love you oodles,