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Just Because You Can't See it

Just Because You Can't See it...Doesn't Mean it isn't There

Just Because You Can’t See It…Doesn’t Mean It Isn’t There is about the seemingly invisible factors that are always affecting and influencing everything in our lives. From our health to our wealth to our happiness, virtually all things are created from and controlled by subtle energies. Energy is something you emit and are surrounded by, and when you learn to control the force of it, you can truly excel in any area of your life. And look out, because there are also forms of energy that can be damaging and harmful. Learn how not only to protect yourself, but how to project your own force field in ways that can help your heartfelt intentions come true.

No matter where you are in life, there is and has always been subtle forces at work that seem to control your destiny, when in fact, you own the operator’s manual to your own life because those energies are something you can learn to navigate and direct.

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Imagine That!

From rock-solid science to centuries-old scripture, we’ve been told our thoughts and emotions matter, and may even be indicators of our future. In this book, Tamara Dorris shows you that the real key to navigating your way to a new reality rests in your almost dormant imagination. She claims that we’re all using our imaginations anyway, but most of us are using them to conjure up the worst instead of designing the best. Using wit, humor, and sass, Tamara shares how anyone can learn to use their imaginations in more productive, profitable, and effective ways. Includes the 33-Day Challenge The second half of the book is the 33-Challenge that includes a daily lesson and journaling exercise to help cement in and apply the age-old and scientifically new ideas presented in the first section of the book. Be prepared to have your mind a little bit blown, your “mean monkey” a little bit riled up, and start intentionally creating your life with excitement and intention! 

Tamara Dorris Books

The Referability Factor: Making Yourself a Magnet For Business

Finally, a business book that takes relationship- and referral-based marketing to the next level. Combining personal development with neuroscience and consumer psychology, people in any walk of life can begin to understand what draws people toward them (or repels them away). Whether you’re in direct sales (B2B or B2C) or an entrepreneur starting a small business, relationships are always your top priority. In this book you’ll learn the real ways to appeal to your ideal client or customer, build engagement, and develop what the author calls the “Referability Factor,” which will give you an almost magnetic power to attract people and opportunities to you. 

Tamara Dorris Books

The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention

You can create anything you deeply desire with the power of mental rehearsal and heartfelt joy. If you have not mastered this skill, it’s because you have not mastered your mind and emotions.

Tamara Dorris Books

The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention Workbook

Designed to support and expand upon the life-changing book, “The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention.” This workbook invites readers to examine possible blocks, as well as cement in ideas and strategies that allow them to create better lives and clearer intentions.

Tamara Dorris Books

Mind Over Market: The Real Estate Warrior’s Road Map to Mindset, Marketing & Media

Successful real estate professionals know that in order to master their market they first have to master their mindset. In this book, Tamara Dorris combines decades of real estate experience and study with her expertise in subconscious studies, neuroscience, quantum physics, communications, marketing and social media to deliver a road map that will put any agent on the top-producing track.

Tamara Dorris Books

Mind Over Market Workbook & Journal

Successful real estate professionals know that in order to master their market they first have to master their mindset. In this workbook, professionals can chart their course for an entire year, including their ideal outcomes, monthly task lists and re-caps, as well as an on-going gratitude journal.

Tamara Dorris Books

The Joy Journal: Intentions & Gratitude to Keep Life in Alignment

Science tells us that in order to make long-term changes we must use the conscious mind to impact the subconscious mind. Imagination, positive thinking and elevated expectations all lead to this outcome. The Joy Journal is an ongoing workbook/journal that will help get readers in alignment with their most exciting intentions, and keep them there!

Tamara Dorris

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