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So just when I’m in the middle of lamenting because I’m nowhere near the New York Times Best Seller List, and I’m pretty sure the Pulitzer Prize wont be in the mailbox this afternoon, I get a message that kicks my butt. Good book reviews are gold, and bad ones, well, they drive me to drinking (wait…okay, they drive me to more drinking ). Anyway, when I got this unexpected email, it literally brought tears to my eyes because it served as a reminder, and that is, that I write to (hopefully) touch people in some small way (and not in that way, naughty bird).  There’s a heck of a lot of writers out there, and let’s face it, time is precious, so when someone takes time to not only read one of my books, but to reach out and let me know she loved it, well, it’s just the coolest thing ever.

I asked permission to share this email, and hope this reader knows how very much her message to me meant (and check out how she pimps my other book– I should PAY this girl!):


From: Kisha Jorgenson-Lazo
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2013 12:29 PM
To: Tamara Dorris
Subject: Re: Casey’s Quest


OMG. LOVE LOVE LOVE! WHEN IS THE SEQUEL????????????? I am dying!! Thank you so much for sending me the book!  I wrote a review on amazon, but instead of you having to track it down I’m just going to copy it here. NOW HURRY UP WITH THAT SEQUEL!!!  ;-p

I have to pre face with the information that the author provided me with a copy of this book for review. That being said, I would not give a good review for a free book, might jump into traffic or something equally crazy but if the book sucks I would be honest.

To begin I found the author Tamara Dorris when I read another book by her, Secrets of a Spiritual Guru, (link below) That book had me rolling on the floor so when I finished it, as is my habit, I searched for other books by the same author.. So thrilled to find her website AND face book page. Emailed her about the book and she provided me with an oversize paperback. I started the book quickly but began read much more slowly, only allowing a couple chapters at a time because I knew it was going to end it is a healthy 30 chapter book… I could have easily read the entire book in one sitting but it was so good and I was enjoying the story line so much I wanted to savor it… like a fine wine!  In fact I will probably read it again right before the sequel.

Casey’s Quest begins with her father’s ‘funeral and the days that follow, helping her mother and discovering secrets that her father “the Colonel” and her mother kept her whole life.  Casey had no idea that she had been adopted when she was 4 years old, had no memory of a time when these people were not her parents.  Her quest to find answers about her previous life lead down some strange and twisting paths, and without revealing the really great plot, Casey’s biological mother, was involved in some weird scary stuff!  And the tie-ins to the things happening in her life now are going to be very interesting in the sequel!  Also very interested to see where Andrew fits in to all of this, is he being straight with her or is he hiding much more than she thinks? I kept waiting for that shoe to drop!

Casey has also started a new job, her first “grown up” job, working for a bank in their mortgage retention department. The author included lots of interesting details and true empathy on the author’s part of what it is like to have to tell people that their house is being taken and sold at sheriff’s sale every day. Ugh. I would hate that!  Casey accidentally stumbles on some information that points to some shady dealings with the bank and one particular client. Without a spoiler, let’s just say good choice on the character and her son.  My only disappointment in this part of the story line is that Casey seems a little too naïve, seriously, she doesn’t watch the news or read a newspaper and struggles to find an online newspaper?? Apparently she doesn’t have Google. Not important really, just an observation.

I sincerely loved this book and was very sorry when it ended.. I absolutely cannot wait until the sequel comes out!  If you enjoy books with a good mix of mystery, suspense and a touch of love angst, you really want to read this book!!

Thank you Tamara Dorris for the wonderful escape.. I just wish it lasted longer!!

Also READ her other book : it’s a ROTFLMAO, laugh out loud fun read. (Secrets of a Spiritual Guru.



Should I buy this girl a car, or what?

Make it a great week everyone! XOXOXO