Tamara Dorris

 Upgrading Your Energy


Are you ready to upgrade your energy and build a better business and healthier body?

Everything in your life is all about your energy. The energy you take in and the energy you put out, and do you know what that energy is comprised of? Give up?

Emotions, mostly.

That’s right, most of your energy comes from the emotions you experience on a day-to-day basis, as well as those you’ve repressed over your life time. And sadly, most of us deal with the emotion of stress.

Stress has two components. The internal, which is largely about our own thoughts and feelings (including unconscious ones) and the external, which is about the things going on around us. We react to both, and when our reactions are negative, our brains and bodies go into emergency mode, also known as fight or flight. I call this survival mode, and in our current state of the world, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that the majority of people in business are flying high on cortisol.

The bad news is that the hormones of stress are downright damaging to your health and happiness, and ultimately your business and your relationships. If you tell me you’re a mutli-tasker who thrives on stress, I’d bet a buck that your body disagrees. The human body is not designed to stay in a high beta brainwave. It is disastrous for your health as well as your business and your sanity.

You might say, at a very basic level, I help professionals master their emotions so that they manage stress well enough to use their minds for the important role of envisioning and attracting a better business, healthier body, and more rewarding relationships.

Let’s look first at your business since most of my clients tend to be professionals.

If business presents challenges, life can be hard. Whether orders get cancelled, clients don’t come, or everyday challenges take you off your game, there’s a good to great chance it’s not your product as much as it is your energy. The frequency of your field is the single most important indicator of your success and happiness there is. So how can you tell what kind of shape your energy field is operating in? Or better put, what kind of frequency it’s vibrating at? Easy. How do you feel and what’s going on in your life?

Your mental and emotional states creates your field. We all have a baseline; those who are highly successful operate with at a higher frequency level, and those who are always struggling, not so much. From a biological level, we could say that when your frequency is low, your brain wave scans would show you spend more time in high beta and your body chemistry swims more often in cortisol and adrenaline (fight or flight soup). Conversely, when the frequency of your field is strong, you likely exhibit more alpha brain waves and higher levels of seratonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Oh, and you most definitely have a more abundant business, get invited to more parties, and and live your life more on purpose than your stressed out self.

Your energy enters the room before you do. That means, whether it’s on the phone, in person, or on a Zoom call, your clients, prospects, and staff are in constant, unconscious communication with parts of you that you might not even know exists. There is nothing woo woo about understanding energy fields. We all have them, science proves it, and the frequency your own field vibrates at has everything to do with your success and your health. In fact, illness, accidents, and chronic conditions start in your energy field (read more).

My name is Tamara Dorris, I’m an author, coach, and college and university professor and my mission in life is to research and teach people how to use their thoughts and their energy to change their brains and increase their coherence for more success and greater health. And again, stress is the first culprit most of my clients must address; next is our own sense of self worth, as well as the stories we think we know about who we are. You may think your success is related to just your actions or habits, but it is so much more than that. The truth is you have several layers to your being and when they are not all working in alignment, your business and your life remain lacking in joy, health, and abundance.

Lifelong programming and trauma become frozen blocks in our body and energy fields. Not only that, but after a lifetime of self doubt, the receptors in our brains may be actually programmed to keep us down. This can’t be changed with simple mindset work or affirmations. In order for real change to occur, we much address ALL the layers of our life.

I do this using the latest discoveries in quantum physics, frequency healing, and revolutionary technology. You can cause your business to prosper with ease and grace once your whole being is living in coherence.

What is coherence?
Coherence is when your intentions, actions, conscious thoughts, unconscious programming, and emotions are operating in alignment. For most people, that’s very rare. But through decades of research, writing, application, and coaching, I have found a way to do just that. And it all starts and requires emotional management (stress reduction).

This isn’t a one hit wonder. It’s not a one and done, you’re-going-to-be-a-millionaire-by-morning false promise, yet it is a promise indeed. If you do the work (which is not very time consuming at all!), and exert the effort, everything—and I do mean EVERYTHING—can be different and better in your business and life faster than you might currently believe is possible.

Intention Academy is my signature program. It’s an 8-week intensive for women only. However, most women (and men) should start with Inner Alchemy, which can be considered boot camp for Intention Academy. The good news is, Inner Alchemy is basically free because I apply the fee toward Intention Academy upon your completion of Inner Alchemy. That’s a win-win situation because I know you’ll succeed in the Academy, and you’ll have a big taste for how this can work for you.

If you want more time for your family and friends with less worry about your business prospering, you owe it to yourself to heal yourself (your brain, your beliefs, your energy, and your emotions), apply for Inner Alchemy today!

For men and women dealing with health issues, another place where stress and emotions must be addressed, you can look at my single session offerings.

*Tamara Dorris is not a medical professional and does not diagnose or treat disease.