Can I do 50 (studios) in (20)14?

Some people backpack around Europe. Others hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Me? I just yoga hop.

So I decided to set myself a challenge that, with teaching, writing, and selling a house here and there—will be,um, challenging.

Think : Julie and Julia.With me so far? But instead of going through all of Julia Child’s recipes, trying to cook them and then blogging the results…

I am going to visit a different yoga studio every week and blog about it. Now keep in mind, this is NOT about, oh they had nice flooring, but rather, about MY experience. Of course, I will do my due diligence and follow up my blog post with a yelp comment, because, hey, what’s a yogi to do?

It started innocently enough. I realized that we have this amazing yoga community in Sacramento, but most of us find the closest studio and stick with it—which is fine as wine (and I like wine). But it occurred to me that there are so many studios and yogis to meet. What an adventurer I am!

I realize that this may earn me a reputation as a yoga-hopper, and I have come to terms with that. We cannot all be perfect. Heck, I am still working on my corpse pose. (Just lay there, damn it).

I figure there are at least/about 50 studios in the Greater Sacramento Area. I will go as high as El Dorado, as far as Elk Grove (if I have to), and even parts of Wisconsin. Okay, I’m not really going to Wisconsin. But there are a ton of downtown studios. I may need a backpack after all?

*P.S. I won’t be hitting private clubs or topless bars. Um, unless you want to invite me to one? Private clubs I mean*

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If you have a studio suggestions that are not on this page, please let me know.

If YOU are a  Sacramento yogi, why not join the Sacramento Yoga Community FB Group? All the cool kids are doing it.


These are the studios I have found that I will visit. If you can think of any additional ones that I have not named and that are within my perimeters for travel, please let me know. In order to still meet my goal of 50, I will be visiting some studios twice, taking a different style class with a different instructor. PS…these are in no particular order of agenda:

  1. Arden Hot Yoga
  2. Aha Yoga
  3. Fusion
  4. Sunrise Hot Yoga
  5. Padme Yoga Center
  6. Leap
  7. Asha
  8. It’s All Yoga
  9. Yoga Loka
  10. The Yoga Seed Collective
  11. One Flow
  12. Zuda
  13. Zuda
  14. Zuda
  15. East Wind Yoga
  16. Radiant
  17. Bikram Yoga Sacramento
  18. Lotus Garden
  19. Sacramento Yoga Center
  20. Bikram Yoga Natomas
  21. Aeri Yoga
  22. Healing Alternatives Meditation Center
  23. Rise Yoga Studio
  24. Veera Yoga
  25. Yoga Shala
  26. Bikram Yoga Granite Bay
  27. The Yoga Solution
  28. Practice Yoga
  29. Kevala Yoga
  30. Gen-Nih Yoga
  31. My Yoga Room