Last week I promised to share more about getting rid of bad programming and I hate to lie before cocktail hour, so here it is.

Basically, we’ll need to talk about the subconscious mind. In case you didn’t know it, that little piece of work is the captain of your plane. What? You don’t have a plane? Well go get one and I’ll wait. Okay, ready?

Before we board our jet engine, you must understand that pilots don’t actually fly planes. Scary, I know. The sensors and gizmos are on auto pilot and the captain just sits there looking cute in his little captain suit. Your subconscious mind is a lot like that pilot (only mine wears a bomber jacket like Amelia Earhart because those are so swag). This pilot takes care of everything we need to keep our bodies doing what they need to do, like staying alive, for example. Through the mechanisms of the subconscious mind, your heart beats, your blood flows and your lungs breath. Can you imagine what would happen if you had to remember to do it all yourself? What if you overslept! Jeesh, I’d be dead by lunch.

Anyway, these things go on behind the scene, also known as autopilot. So far so good? The subconscious mind operates from a set of plans it has been given. Now, as far as hearts beating and lungs breathing, that set of plans came from a higher source, so unless you are crazy, you’ll just leave that part alone. However, we all have a flight map that’s been installed, even if it takes us off course.

This flight map is our programming. Think of it this way: your pilot gets on board to this thing we will call “your life.” It looks around for the flight log which we’ll call “your programming.” Then it flips the switch and is down the run way and on the way to where the map tells it to take you.

Ruh Ro.

Unfortunately, for a zillion reasons we won’t go into here, many of us have accidentally, inadvertently programmed in beliefs that fit us like our high school cut-offs. Not good. We have fed these beliefs to our pilot through our experiences and how we processed and perceived them. I have spent much time and effort understanding how we can transcend the bad beliefs, instill good ones, and win more rounds of Words With Friends. Um, the latter one isn’t going so well.

The subconscious mind will take whatever instructions it’s given, but because we have not been formally trained to guide it, we’ve let our past experiences draw the map. Through simple but effective techniques, you CAN reprogram your mind. Trust me, this is DOABLE. I am happy to share some of tools (most of them FREE) that will get you on an entirely new flight plan (I hear the Rockies are nice this time of year).

In order to break the bad programming we need to get that sexy pilot a new map, plain and simple. If you are destined to stardom say, you want that plane to fly to Hollywood, baby, so why in the heck do you keep charting trips to Peoria? Well, rest assured, I’m going to help you with a brief list of ways to fix things. But let’s reiterate the pilot analogy. Mostly because I like to talk about pilots (they look so good in those uniforms). You own the plane, but have trusted cutie-pilot-pants to fly it, thus, you need to give him better instructions.

Here are a few of the most effective ways I have found. I will do future posts on details of these, if that would help. Oh, and if you send me gummy bears.

  •  Hypnotic programming works wonders (aka guided meditation). Download to your computer or ipod and reprogram, baby.
  •  Subliminal programming, both visual and audio is a favorite, secret tool of mine–Bwhahaha.
  • Affirmations–don’t under estimate the power of these bad boys. Words & thoughts have POWER and ENERGY that creates CHANGES.
  • Brain synchronization. Another freebie, thanks to YouTube. I won’t call it meditation, because I don’t want to scare you (there, there, little bear), but this is CRITICAL to your WELL-BEING on so many levels.
  • Do something good. Seriously. Get out of your own head. Your problems are not nearly as bad as you think they are if you are alive enough to HAVE problems. Quit whining. Help someone, forgive someone else and appreciate your sexy self.

Now…about those gummy bears…



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