First of all, let me clarify. I did not make microwave popcorn with my amazing mind. Because, seriously, if I could do that, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking about it, I would be eating my popcorn. Instead, while I was pondering the miracle of microwave popcorn (and life), I started reflecting on a book I was reading about conscious co-creation.

Now, before you stop reading (no pop corn for you, naughty bear), then let me explain what I mean about conscious co-creating. And no, I haven’t even started drinking yet and no one put any woo woo juice in my coffee – I only had a cup from that light roast coffee subscription box, could not resist. Conscious co-creating is when you work in alignment with the powers that be (and I’m not talking about Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos here, people) in order to get your groove on. By “groove on,” I just mean, WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT TO HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE. So maybe you want to meet a mate who won’t say you look fat in those jeans, or maybe you’re looking to increase your income by bunches (my favorite number, by the way). You can do it! (and no, you do not look fat in those jeans).

Sometimes people get overly caught up in the “powers that be” idea. Maybe you worship God, the Universe, Allah, or even that big hairy guy in the Ozarks. Wait. That’s Big Foot…wrong blog post. *clears throat and wonders why she can’t have wine at noon.* The point is that there is a power greater than any of us, right? The power that makes babies and trees and 10 items or less check-out lines. Think of this power like a big friendly, helpful entity that is eager to co-create with us. The trick is that we have to do our part, too. Hence the “co,” in the term “co-creating.” Since I have read, to date, two-million-six-hundred-and-forty-seven books (aka, bunches) on this very subject I thought I would offer a list of what our part of the “co” in “co-creating” is. Fair ’nuff?

Our part of the CO in CO-creating:

*** Pick your desire (never your nose….and please, be clear and specific).
*** Intend, expect, and trust that it is on its way to you (maybe right now, maybe next week, maybe next year, but know that it’s coming).
*** Send me gummy bears. Okay, just kidding on that one. Um, unless you want to send me gummy bears?
***FOCUS (see, this is really important so Mommy made it in all caps. No, she isn’t yelling at you, little bear). This is where most of us screw up. We focus on the not having what we want, the troubles in our lives, and my mother. (I’m just assuming she’s an issue for all of us).
***Keep your “energy’ clear. Yeah, I know, way too woo woo for me too, but seriously, listen to some Beach Boys or something. There’s a whole other post on good vibrations, but there is something to say for it. Meditate, pray, eat Cheerios….whatever makes you feel grounded and happy. I like bike-riding, yoga and wine-tasting. (that sounds like a personal ad, and PS wine-tasting only counts on the first spiritual sip, then it’s just called drinking).
*** Take Inspired action. Don’t force it, honey, go nice and slow. Inspired actions means you cannot sit on the couch wishing the Universe would deliver that state of the art Mercedes to your front door (Trust me, I’ve tried). Instead, do things that FEEL good. See? That’s a whole other post, too. Basically though, when you are chasing your dream (as opposed to say, field mice) you will find the actions you take to start the ball rolling to be fun, joyful.

That’s it. Seriously. Do this and send me money later. And, I wouldn’t even ask for any if you’d sent the dang gummy bears like I suggested. TWICE. Helllllo????

Okay, honestly, I’m not promising popcorn–because I’m not that kind of girl–but I swear by this stuff…I study it…write about it…think about it….crap…I need a 12-step program for so many things. Try it. Trust me.

Love you oodles.