Tamara Dorris

Medicreation Cheat Sheet

Medicreation Cheat Sheet

While I go into greater detail in several of my books, here is the quick cheat sheet to help you.

  • If at all possible, pick the time and space that you’ll do your daily practice. You brush your teeth in the bathroom, read your news feed at the table, so pick your place and stick to it as much as possible. Also, while mornings are my favorite, you may prefer a different time of day. It doesn’t matter when, but we train our brain best by consistency and repetition, and believe it or not, your first intention maybe should be that you do your sessions every day. It’s way too easy to fall off the wagon, especially when you think you’re not making a difference, which, as I hope is clear by now, is the whole problem. The first ten days may be like Mercury Retrograde on steroids. Still, like training a naughty puppy, consistency will win the day.
  • Use sound-canceling headphones and listen to binaural beats (or isochronic). In my coaching program, Intention Academy, we start with guided Medicreations. Then each week, the recordings have less and less guidance. This is because the goal is that you don’t need to be guided, but if you feel like that will support you at first, shop around for good, guided meditation that help you relax.
  • Remember your breathwork. Even if it’s just slow and deep, breathing will help relax your brain waves, reduce your stress levels, and allow you to enter an altered state of consciousness more easily (and that is THE goal).
  • Once it feels like your brain and body are relaxed, start visualizing your ideal outcome with as much detail and senses as possible. Then, imagine your excitement starting to mount.
  • Open your heart and feel the gratitude and excitement you’d feel (you ARE feeling) with this scene coming true.
  • Bask. Just sit in that beautiful feeling for as long as you can. One minute is good… a few minutes is amazing!
  • Carry that image and emotion with you all day, no matter what. If you lose it, take a moment, close your eyes, and bring it back. It’s there, right beyond your beta barbed wire; just keep coaxing it out, so it’s with you all the time.

May all your intentions come to pass!

Excerpt from, Just Because You Can’t See it…Doesn’t Mean it isn’t There;  The Subtle Energy of Intentions and Well Being.  Free on Kindle Unlimited