Energy. Intuition. Intention.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your current space or you’re wanting to manifest something really grand, a single session with Tamara might be just the ticket to take you to the next level. Not exactly therapy* and not exactly magic, Tamara can help you gain clarity, identify and overcome obstacles, and guide you to not only raise your energy but also to apply her techniques to manifest the thing you want to attract in  your life. Using  the power of intention, tapping into your energy field, and whatever other tools or techniques (from EFT, hypnosis, tuning fork, or pulling your angel card), Tamara’s ability and experience, covering science, psychology, energy medicine, and spirituality allow her to help YOU raise your frequency faster and more effectively so you can empower your intentions.

Here’s what some of her other clients are saying:

“Tamara is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in regards to the field of how our minds actually create our reality, either holding us back from our desires or attracting exactly the things we want. She is great at explaining the science behind the concepts, and is also very intuitive and can help you break through your blocks. I highly recommend listening to what she shares and personally working with her if you can.”  Tanya Kortum-Shively,  Interior Designer


“Tamara’s coaching rocks! I highly recommend her”  Pete Dacko, Commercial Broker


“Tamara has given me every simple tool that I need to become a manifesting machine! Every single thing that I worked on during my program came into existence, in my business, my personal life and in my marriage.”  Dr. Keeley Verrett


“I recommend anybody looking for a coach to reach out to Tamara. I could honestly go on and on about how incredible this coaching program has been.”  Pam Beall, Top Producing Realtor


“Tamara Dorris is the real deal, from business coach to life coach. She has such beautiful insight that will launch you into an entirely new way of thinking…”  Erin Cole, Bridal Designer, Artist, Author


“Tamara’s course has truly been a game changer! The work is ongoing, but the end result is truly magical, if you can just imagine it!”  Mary Laidman, CPA


“I hired Tamara to coach my Real Estate Team at Victoria’s Properties; best move we have made for our success! Tamara knows how to motivate, organize and educate better than any coach I know. Just as promised, our team has improved our profitability and customer service abundantly.”   Victoria Leas, Owner of Victoria’s Properties

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 In this call, Tamara will help you understand what’s standing in your way of manifesting an intention. Through her experience, intuition, and your input, she’ll be able to drill down to the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and then offer insight and advice in how to move forward toward your infinite potential.


This is a deeper dive than the telephone session, which includes the benefit of face-to-face video. In addition to the above, video sessions may include EFT, Hypnosis, theta healing, and other modalities. Tamara is able to understand more about your obstacles, intentions, and energy when she is has the benefit of seeing you and connecting with you. In only one session you'll notice a raised vibration and renewed enthusiasm, regardless where you are in the manifestation process. This session also includes a complimentary guided medicreation recording that will help move you toward manifesting your intentions.

*Tamara is not a licensed psychotherapist. She is certified in hypnotherapy and several other healing modalities. She holds degrees in psychology and communications and has researched and written more than 20 books on personal and professional development. She has been a coach/trainer/teacher/professor for nearly 20 years.

Coaching Bundles For Graduates

These coaching bundles are only available to clients who have gone through the Intention Academy 8-Week Program. Six hours (that may be divided up into 30 minutes sessions when preferred and can occur consecutively or not): $750.00. Please contact Tamara directly for this option.