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Our minds are quite capable of creating changes we want (better health and  behaviors) and changes we don’t want (self-sabotage and addictions).  Or at least things we don’t want on a conscious level.  The important thing to understand is that the subconscious mind is trainable as your servant; even in spite of the many ways you’ve let it be your master. Making your mind matter is about consciously choosing what you’d like to create in your life and working with all the levels of consciousness to make it happen.

I have always said that business problems are really personal problems in disguise. I think it’s fair to say I’ve had a pretty good vantage point of a variety of professions at the same time. While immersed in personal development for nearly two decades, in real estate even longer than that, and in academia the past ten years, I have dug my feet even deeper into the dirt with that premise: problems people have in their businesses and professional lives are always personal problems–at least on some level. And here’s the clincher:

Personal problems are always matters of the mind.

That’s right, I said it. It’s all in your head. However, I hope you’ll take that in the context it was intended. Whether I’m consulting management teams, coaching individual real estate agents, or teaching a college class–the challenges most people have are mental. And what’s really interesting to note is that most mental constructs really boil down to a few basic things. Are you ready?

While some people may call it stress, stress is really fear in dress-up clothes. And it’s important to note that no matter what you call it, it’s simply our biology going haywire by way of delivering too much cortisol and making us cranky. Or depressed or anxious or in a state of helpless procrastination. Sound familiar? Mangers and salespeople are in a constant state of this stress-induced, panic-stricken state. There’s simply too much going on, too much to accomplish and not enough time to get it done.

blog_image2As a further result, we also have what people may refer to as “relationship problems.” But again, these are matters of the mind. We often forget how we are constantly projecting ourselves onto other people. Just today I had a coaching call with a client who wondered why her buyers we’re being so pushy, so I asked her, “Where in your life are you being pushy?”  She fell silent for a moment and then begin to laugh. She’d recognized that she herself was being overly pushy with her teenage son. The people around us are always mirrors, reflecting parts of ourselves back to us. Communication issues can be best resolved when we start with our own issues. They usually have nothing to do with the other person.

And finally, we have our perceptions. We often say that things outside of ourselves, such as the market, our health, or our bank accounts are not always within our complete control. And while I’ll agree that some things can jump up behind us and grab us by the throat, it really boils down to how we choose to see things. I won’t pull the “glass half empty or half full” routine on you, but I will ask you to humor me in a simple game. If I had you close your eyes and imagine that when you opened your eyes you had all the money you could ever want, and your really believed it, what would change? Would you have a little more spring in your step? Take the day’s challenges with a little less emotion? I bet you would. I bet anyone would. But what changed? Nothing except your perception.

The good news is that once we fully grasp this idea that our mind really does matter–and in fact, science now shows us that mind over matter is a very real phenomenon–we can change our lives. It all starts with ceasing to look outside ourselves to solve all the problems that appear to be external. From the issues that seem to cause us stress to the people who seem to be so very challenging. And we can’t forget our propensity to see the slightest hiccup in our plans as a national disaster because our stress levels are on overdrive.

All business problems are personal problems.

When we make our minds matter, we stand to change the very scheme of things. Isn’t it refreshing and even reassuring to think that the problems we see as being external can actually be improved upon by addressing our own minds and emotions? Make your mind matter by paying attention to where it’s taking you and how it’s having you see the world.