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Is the CIA Woo Woo?

Last week I came across a post that mentioned the CIA woo and the law of attraction. At first, I scoffed, thinking to myself, oh boy, what a crazy marketing scheme. I mean, after all, there is a LOT of hyperbole over the law of attraction that tends to tell people there’s a missing secret to the secret and this particular coach or program will show it to you. And to be clear, the only secret is that there is no secret, only unwillingness for people to sit their asses down, clear their minds, and mentally rehearse the futures they would like to create.

That said the idea of the CIA woo had anything to do with the law of attraction intrigued me, so I did a little research. Okay, I did a lot of research. And while the Internet has never been accused of being infallible, I must admit, I was pretty impressed with the once-classified report I found from 1983.

I should mention that, from earlier research for my fiction book, Casey’s Quest, I already knew about the military using remote viewing, and from overall reading and research that government and military have done way more than the average person realizes in paranormal and mind control research and experimentation. Anyway, this declassified report (which you can easily access online by putting in a search for “CIA woo and the Law of Attraction,” as there are quite a few links to it), actually impressed and excited me.

First off, the “Gateway Process,” was a study in altered consciousness. Gateway is actually the name of a brain synchronicity program produced by the Monroe Institute, the leaders in mediation music that utilizes the science of whole-brain syncing (Hemi-sync). The Institute is mentioned throughout the 29 page report, and I will say that I have used their recordings for years and their science is solid.

One of the things I learned in my investigation is that there was a movie some years back called, The Men Who Stared at Goats, which I instantly remember watching (Hey, it had George Clooney and Jeff Bridges). The film declares parts of it are based on fact, although it doesn’t say which parts. And apparently, that’s about the same time this report was declassified. The truth is, the whole idea of the powers that be really do know the truth to conscious creation and I am sure work with it is still classified ways, and perhaps not always (ever?) for good.

But, as I mentioned early on in this book, those same powers are not only in no hurry to tell you that you have the potential to heal yourself, live more fully, and use your own power to create change, through mind over matter, they’d just as soon keep us you in the dark about it. And boys do they.

Anyway, while reading the report is quite laborious in military speak (and I thought scholarly science was bad!), the gist of the research basically states that when a person achieves a relaxed mental and physical state, uses the music or sounds to slow down and synchronize brain waves and hemispheres, and intentionally focuses on the desired objective, there is evidence of actualization (manifestation). I want you to think about this for a moment.

That description is basically Medicreation in a nutshell. Now to be clear, the report was also focused on remote viewing and other activities that would apparently serve in war scenarios (I’m guessing), but still, mention of quantum physics was huge, to the extent of explaining vibrations, oscillating energy, the time-space continuum, holographs, and even Kundalini energy. I am happy they saw fit to make this public information.

In summary, please trust me enough to trust yourself into understanding that the only way you can effectively connect with the quantum field and create real, measurable change using mind over matter in positive ways is through this practice or one like it. You don’t necessarily have to meditate in the traditional sense, but you do have to relax your body and brain, listen to the music that takes you deeper (at least until you’re more experienced), and imagine something you desire with so much emotion you can hardly control yourself.

See it and feel it happening in real-time. Don’t open your eyes until it feels so real you can smell it. And even then, when you do open your eyes, don’t be disappointed that it’s not here yet. Trust that it is/will be, and go about your merry day is if you just hit the Super Lotto.


Here are the five things I have found, over many years of coaching and experience for myself, that tend to be the biggest blocks to Medication for mind over matter:

  1. Physical— when you are in physical discomfort or your body is extremely fatigued, it may be hard to focus your imagination on joy. Get rest and take care of your body.
  2. Mental–when you are mentally drained, stressed out, or can’t manage to get your mind to stop its chitter-chatter, it’s difficult to achieve favorable results. Headphones with brain entrainment, deep breathing, and even yoga will help with this.
  3. Chemical–when you are wired through stimulants like caffeine, or tired from depressants, like alcohol or prescription drugs, your brain will not be under your full control to perform a good session. Simply don’t drink coffee or wine before your session.
  4. External–when you are being bombarded by noise, distractions, and uncomfortable environments, it’s also hard to get into that rested, relaxed, joyful state. Find a place that you can Medicreate in every day. Make sure it’s as quiet and comfy as possible. I like sound-canceling headphones to keep the noise out and the music in.
  5. Commitment–even if all things have been addressed and avoided, if you do not have a true desire (or belief) that you can effectively create positive change from your mind and emotions, you won’t likely take the time to engage in the practice of Medication. Go back to page one of this book.

The trickiest part about any of this deserves highlighting, post-it noting, and writing down where you can see it every day:

When we relax our body and brain, use our imagination to create a vision of our ideal life, conjure up the emotions that reflect the joy and gratitude that vision provokes, we are creating it in the quantum field. However, once we open our eyes, we must MAINTAIN that elevated energy during our waking hours. When we fail to do so (the reason so many can’t get what they want in life), we’ve severed our connection to that vision just as surely as if we took a hacksaw to it.

While the practice of daily Medicreation sessions alone will absolutely bring change and help manifest just about anything you truly want, the minute you step away from the feeling and energy of already having it, you’ve literally just pushed it back away.

Excerpt from Mind Over Matter, Going From Surviving to Thriving by Tamara Dorris

Tamara Dorris

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