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Real estate sales can be TOUGH, and being a Top Agent, even tougher.

  • What if your pipeline runs dry?
  • What if your transactions fall through?
  • What if you can’t find any more clients or pay your bills?!

You’ve tried other coaching programs,  but because of a fundamental flaw in most all of them, you haven’t gotten the results you were looking for. No matter how fancy a new lead-generation strategy is, nothing seems to be working as well as it should be.

Sound familiar?

I’m offering a VERY limited number of spaces in my 8-week Brain-Changing, Belief-Busting, Business-Building Boot Camp. But before I tell you more about it. let me ask you a question.

If Real estate is as simple as matching people with property needs, how do some agents become wealthy, while most of the others struggle to make ends meet?

It’s not superior systems.

It’s not more leads,

It’s not the economy or the neighborhood.

Instead, they have ONE THING that most all agents (& agent coaching programs) are missing, and THAT is what my Boot Camp will give you. You see, we all have a subconscious success ceiling that keeps us stuck at certain plateaus. No matter how hard we try, we can never go beyond that ceiling. Breaking through is breaking free. This involves reprogramming our subconscious minds and our neural networks on an actual biological level. It includes increasing our energy so that we’re vibrating at the SAME LEVEL as all the super top producers do. Because that’s a big part of their secret: They attract business to them naturally, and you can too!

So you see, the problem isn’t that the systems or strategies you’ve been taught don’t work properly, but rather, that YOU have to be operating in a way that aligns with your ideal outcome. Until your unconscious thoughts and your energy are congruent with your conscious desires and actions, you’ll never create a business you love. But maybe I can help.

My 8-Week Boot Camp starts soon, and as I said, space is limited. This Boot Camp is not for everyone. In fact, I’m very picky in who I invite in for one simple reason: One bad apple can ruin the whole cart. What I mean is that the energy you bring into the group portion of the program will either increase the overall outcome of the group or decrease it. This means I can’t take complainers, whiners, or blamers. This is ONLY for people who take full responsibility for their lives from this point on (I don’t care if you used to be a victim; heck, I was the QUEEN of Victim hood once myself).

Also, I want you to know that my Boot Camp is an investment. If the idea of spending a mid-sized commission check on a program that will help you get MANY MORE commissions checks to come freaks you out, then you need this program more then ever–but that’s nothing I’ll try to convince you of–that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

If you want to know more, then please watch the webinar link below. At the end of it you’ll be directed to a link where you can schedule a time to chat with me to see if we’re a good fit. I take your success VERY seriously, so you’ll have to as well and I’ll have to believe that you do. You won’t find anyone more committed to your success then I am, but you have to have some skin in the game and be committed to changing your business from the inside out, so that we can create a referral-based commercial real estate in Austin practice you love.

Here’s the Webinar Link: Master Your Market Webinar 


Stay inspired and on fire!