Tamara Dorris

Aligned Agent is Where Manifesting Meets Marketing Meets Action & Accountability

This is where you work with Tamara privately in a hands-on, full immersion capacity, for coaching, planning, and even energy work that is customized to address your specific intentions, challenges, and  personal/professional growth. These single sessions have no  long-term commitment (like most real estate programs), and offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.
In our sessions we will design the vision you hold for your real estate practice as well as what unconscious, self-limiting beliefs may be keeping you from it.
We’ll determine what the highest version of you might look like and develop a plan to keep you into alignment with it.

Of course, we’ll decide what FUN and EFFECTIVE marketing and media looks like for you, so you can take daily inspired action toward your dream business.
And you can count on the greatest, most supporting kind of accountability there is. Tamara truly cares about YOUR success, why she doesn’t work with agents in the same zip code. She wants YOU to have as much market share as you feel comfortable attracting.
You can almost consider these sessions as a kind of bootcamp for manifestation meets real estate as well as a
 necessary prerequisite to the Intention Academy Inner Circle, where the focus is purely on alignment and application. Thus only seasoned, female agents may apply for Intention Academy. Exceptions may be made for single sessions.

Some of what you can expect:

  • Schedule using the online calendar for your convenience, whether you’d like to work with Tamara weekly or monthly, for a few times or for a year–You decide based on your progress and results!
  • Assistance and support in discovering and deleting your core wounds.
  • Developing a deserving self-identity.
  • Energy scan and frequency healing & report every four sessions so we can monitor your vitality.
  • One customized voice scan from your voice, made into recordings to balance out YOUR energy/emotions. 
  • One Evening Audio Recording to help rewire negative self-limiting beliefs through hypnosis.   
  • One Morning Medicreation Session to help program in your ideal outcome.   
  • Ideal Outcome instructions, example, and revision support so you have a meaningful WHY behind your goals.
  • Tamara’s insane expertise with marketing, farming, and social media   
  • A free copy of one of her real estate books or journals (USA agents only).the

$247.00  Per 1-Hour Session 

Tamara Dorris

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