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Like most people, I was in Utkatasana (chair pose) trying to open my second chakra while my coffee was heating up, when I realized the importance of commitment.

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Sitting down and jotting down the same thing every year seems rather redundant. I still have not lost that ten pounds, so why bother, right? In reality, resolutions are silly. I mean, if we resolve to do something, then we need to get it done. Clearly, if we’re writing down the same things year after year and things aren’t changing, we got a problem.

I am, however, a BIG FAN of Intentions.

The power of Intentions is phenomenal. Moves mountains and shit. Seriously good stuff happens when we set an Intention. Wanna know what I think? I think that resolutions are things we say we want, whereas Intentions are our heart’s truest desires. The thing we want so badly we can taste them. The things that make us jump out of the bed in the morning and keep us going long past lunchtime and into cocktail hour.

I first read Lynne McTaggart’s books several years ago. Her first one rocked!  As a science writer she presented a pretty, um, scientific perspective on our universe and how our thoughts affect things outside ourselves. Her next book, The Intention Experiment dove deeper into these ideas and really proved further how very powerful our intentions are. Of course, then there’s my guy, Wayne Dyer, who wrote a wonderful book on this same topic. 

When we truly Intend something, there is no Plan B. No alternative. No, what-if-it-doesn’t-happen loop hole. It’s simply something that’s going to happen. That’s it. End of story. It’s really when we put our money where our mouths are, and make a demonstrable commitment to have what we say we’re going to have. Whether you Intend on doubling your sales, starting that new business, writing that book, meeting an amazing someone, or (finally) mastering a headstand.

The Plan

Because there is power in numbers. Because there is power in stating your Intention out loud (even if you’re the only one in the room), I came up with a really cool way—in our own cozy cosmic community—where we can help one another with our Intentions. Awesome, right?

On this week’s show, which we’re calling, The Hour of Intention, here’s what’s going to happen: the first 20-30 minutes will be a spirited, informative discussion on this thing called Intentions. We’ll make sure you’re very clear on how to find the right one to focus on as well as how to word it. Then, we’ll take some calls, allowing several people who are brave enough to state their intention for the entire world to hear. Finally, we’ll join together in a 15 minute guided Intention Manifestation Meditation for not only our own Intentions, but for the rest of the listeners too!



Here’s where it gets REALLY COOL. Because while the Power of Intentions are amazing all by themselves, as part of the meditation, we will ALL be sending Intentions that everyone who listens has their Intentions come true too. Get it? In addition to live callers, we generally get a couple thousand after-show podcast listeners too. And I bet we can get another couple thousand to at least tune in for the last 15 minutes to add to the energy. Do you understand that thousands of people could be Intending that YOUR Intention comes true? Even someone who catches the podcast six months later will still be sending YOU energy for YOUR Intentions.

Could anything be cooler? I mean, besides your Intention actually coming true?

While we all want world peace and better parking spaces, it really boils down to this: are you willing to make this the year that you finally shake things up? Tear down the fears and make some damn noise? I say we bring in this New Year like we own it, damn it.

The show starts at noon. Call in the switchboard by 12:20 if you’d like to be one to (anonymously) state your Intention and have a whole lot of people send you some good energy.  We’ll only have time for maybe ten of you, but don’t worry, we’ll all get the power of thousands of Intenders. If you can’t listen live, for pete’s sake, listen to the podcast later…even if only the final 15 minutes. Be nice and play along.

The cyber skies will buzz.

Show Link (to listen live online or catch podcast later)  Thursday, January 9th at noon, pst. (but the recording will be up forever 🙂

CALL IN NUMBER:  (646) 929-2557


You can also tweet me your intention if you want me to read it on the air –time permitting–(@tamaradorris) if you won’t be around. First names or no names (let me know). FB messages or email works too.

PS…Who am I to be guiding meditations and talking intentions? Look here.