After reading, researching, and coaching all about manifesting and intentions for so many years, I had to admit, there was a hiccup. What I mean by that is some people could read one of my books or go through my coaching and receive amazing and often instant results. Other people took longer, but still managed to manifest some really cool things that defied the possibility of coincidence.  Yet there have always been others who joined the infamous club I like to call “One-step-forward, One-step-back.” These people can apply the techniques and get some—or even great—results, but then more often than not, something comes along causing a new or different drama that stands in their way and takes them off track.

Because I approach manifestation and intention from a scientific perspective, I’ve always been well aware that it is our unique energy that “attracts” what we experience in our lives. I’ve also always taught and practiced the fact that our frequency must be in alignment with our higher self and our desires in order to kick the law of attraction into high gear. So the question that has haunted me for years has simply been, why can some people “get” it and create amazing lives, while others struggle and suffer and wonder what in the heck they’re doing wrong.

Enter Human Design, Stage Left. Now just to be clear, when I first came across Human Design, I thought it was just another new age gimmick. I mean, while I realized there is something significant about planetary positioning at the time of our birth, astrology as a whole, has never rang completely true to me. I mean sure, Pisces are creative and Leos like attention, but saying all Leos have the same life path and purpose is untrue. We are all unique, energetic beings. So it was only after I dove into it deeper that I realized Human Design was very much in alignment with what I teach, and in fact, could be THE missing manifestation key.

So what is Human Design? That’s a doozy of a question, so I’m going to explain it briefly, and then tell you why it fits in so well with what I teach, write, and coach about. Human Design is the “science of differentiation.” It incorporates the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to give very specific and unique charts for every person. The charts will never change over a person’s lifetime, which is a pretty significant point. Your chart is based on your name, date of birth, TIME of birth, and location of birth. Time is fairly important because the planetary positioning could be different from say, 8:00 am versus 4:00 pm (if you don’t have the exact time of birth, your best guess—morning or night—will have to be used)

Once the information is entered into the special software that calculates it all, a “body graph” (aka Human Design Chart) results. While there are many subtle nuances included with your chart, one could spend months or even years learning and understanding the nearly infinite points and perspectives. However, if you’re anything like me, you just want to know what the hell is wrong and how can I fix it. Fortunately, just understanding the main purpose of the chart tells you plenty.

In Human Design there are five “energy” types. Just knowing your energy type and its strategy is a complete game-changer. Why? Because most of us have been conditioned a society that tells us to “just do it,” but just doing it is wrong for almost all the energy types. And when I say wrong, I mean that when we are not following our energy type, we fall out of alignment with what we want and who we truly are. However, when we do follow our energy type, life takes on an almost magical quality. A second consideration with Human Design is knowing your “authority.” This is more often than not (but not always) an internal guidance system that, once we become aware of it, can help us make decisions that are right for us. And I’m not just talking about big, life-altering decisions like getting married or moving to Texas, but those daily, smaller choices like paper or plastic and what to make for dinner. Besides this, understanding the “centers” is hugely important.

Once you see your chart, you’ll see that some of your centers (think chakra system with a slight variance), are white and some are probably colored in. When a center is colored in, it means you are “consistent” in that particular energy center. For example, I have a “defined” (colored in) will center so that means I have access to a consistent source of will that doesn’t change much, no matter who I’m around. However, let’s say I had an “opened” (not colored in) will center and I was in a meeting with someone who had their will center defined. In Human Design, we understand that those energy centers that are open, take in and amplify the energy of others. Another example of this is that I have an open throat center, so when alone, I don’t necessarily have the gift of gab, however, when I am in the company of those with a defined throat center, I can speak up just fine. Think about how often you’re with people and you feel a way that doesn’t feel like you. It probably isn’t.

We know now through quantum physics that everything is energy, including us, and that energy affects energy. In other words, it would be impossible to be around other people and not absorb and reflect our energy on them or for them to imprint their energy upon us. We just never knew this occurrence had anything to do with open or defined centers. Beside centers, there are gates and channels.

Gates and channels connect our centers and offer us an even deeper dive into our human uniqueness. Understanding that we were wired at birth and prior to birth, to be a certain energy type with specific gates and channels open and a general life purpose can be incredibly enlightening and empowering.

Once I recognized Human Design to be a very important missing link to the science of manifestation, I knew I had to learn it. While I’m knee deep in the second level of certification and have been studying it obsessively this year and will continue to do so, I am not doing that so I can become a Human Design Specialist who does readings all day. Rather I want the ability to use it with my coaching clients so that I can help them implement and understand what works for them so that they can get faster results with the programs and courses I already teach.

Ultimately, Human Design is all about being who you were born to be, and in the science of manifestation, it’s really about being in alignment with your higher self. Do you see the commonality here? If you’re not being your authentic self, it would be impossible to be in alignment with it. So Human Design is all about raising your frequency in the easiest way possible: by following your chart (your energy type, strategy, authority, and more).

I am currently, and for a limited time only, offering basic readings for non-clients and deeply discounted readings for past clients. However, if by the time you read this, I am no longer doing single-session readings, please contact me and I’ll give you the links to some others who do really great readings. Here is the link if you’d like to make an appointment with me:

No matter what though, knowing your human design can truly be the difference in the famous Socrates saying, “Know thyself.” After all, nothing is more important than to understand who you are and who you are meant to be and I truly believe Human Design can be the ticket to take you to the next level.

Thanks for reading!