I was thinking the other day (I do that when facebook goes down), about the holidays and life in general…oh, and how come those little cheese stick wrappers are so hard to pull apart. And, it occurred to me that maybe I should drink more wine. Wait, that’s not it, and don’t judge me, Jesus drank wine and I happen to think he would love Napa.  Anyways, it occurred to me that we seem to be a little short on faith these days.

Remember when a bunch of guys signed that Constitution thing? Didn’t they have some pretty lofty ideals?  And don’t tell me they weren’t hitting the heavy ale—that Ben Franklin had to be a party dude. I’m pretty sure they made mention of guns and God…and wasn’t there something about cable TV too? However you cut it or call it, faith is an intangible, and it doesn’t matter what your religion is (although I will note, those Catholics enjoy good wine), ya gotta believe in something.

Now, for all you naysayers, before you say nay, let’s approach this from a NON-religious perspective, okay? So, you can believe in Mickey Mouse if that’s what you want, but just hear me out, because somewhere in this mentally unstable mind of mine, there is a point to be made. The key is the word “believe.” And, what a big, fat hairy coincidence that faith and belief are kissing cousins! (please, do not kiss your cousin, because, ew, that’s gross).

As a long time fan of psychology research, I put a lot of weight on the power of faith and belief. There are more studies than I can shake a cheese stick at that tell us the power of prayer in healing (but um, I’m relatively sure the people were not praying to Mickey Mouse). So, what is it that makes prayer and faith so unarguably potent? I have no flipping idea. BUT, I do know that as a planet, we are running on empty right about now.

Is it God, Allah, the Rotary Club? I don’t know. However, I do know this: faith can move mountains. And, even wine-drinking Jesus said in that one big book, something about faith as small as a mustard seed. And have you seen a mustard seed? Those suckers are small! Grandmothers lifting cars off kids, prayer groups healing “incurable” diseases from afar, and me getting short sale approvals. These are all things that come from some kind of higher power—at least in my humble opinion *assumes a humble opinion posture.*

I’m not a preachy preacher or a teachy teacher, oh, wait, I am a teacher, but not a teachy one, whatever that is. I’m only suggesting that quite possibly a little faith might go a long way. We are surrounded by fast food, pharmaceuticals and Kardashians. Somebody stop this madness.  I don’t think the Mayan’s were telling us the world is ending, I think they were thinking that they laid out a couple of thousand years for us, and for Pete’s sake, if we can’t take it from there, we must really be dumb.

All I’m saying for certain is that we all have a choice: we can buy into the dread and drama and medicines that cause anal leakage, or we can take the high road, hope for better days and be grateful for the ones we’re blessed with. I don’t know about you, but I sure the heck would rather hang out with people who are happy because happy people drink wine, okay maybe not, but happy people, 99% of the time, have SOME kind of spiritual faith thing going on. I know because I took a survey in the Greater Sacramento Area…what? I didn’t ask you? Pshsh.  Just because someone doesn’t have faith though, does not make them a puppy-kicker, however, it might make them a little depressing to be around, because, really, if we don’t think things can and will get better, then um, this party may as well be over (and I personally have a whole lot of party left in me).

We’re all granted pretty much the same options; faith, service and unlimited texting, or being a “realistic” scrooge who rants on facebook and picks his nose at stoplights ( I SAW you, Dude!). I pick faith. If I didn’t think there was a light at the end of the tunnel, I would have taken SouthWest. And speaking of lights, I just assume they use Florescent ones in Heaven. Can you imagine the energy bill?


Keep the faith. Peace out.


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