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Most of the women I work with are over 40 and deal with one or more of the following issues or concerns:


–stress (and/or depressive bouts)
–minor or major health/weight conditions
–financial and/or career issues
–general dissatisfaction about not manifesting their dream life



You’re a mature woman who has survived more things than most people can even imagine, and here you are at the middle point, wondering where your best years went. Life isn’t always fair and it sure doesn’t last forever, but here you are, still in the game with a chance to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

If you’re committed to making changes in any (or all) of the areas noted above, please sign up for this free master class webinar and see how you can start shifting things in your favor almost immediately.


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The Mindset Myth

If I had a grape for every time I heard “You need to change your mindset” rattled off from a zillion trainers and self help authors over the years, I’d own a damn vineyard by now. Having worked in the real estate industry nearly three decades(while simultaneously teaching, coaching, and researching neuroscience) I can’t tell ...