I know it. I research  it. I read about it every  day, and when I’m not reading or writing books about it, I’m talking about it. So why then do I sometimes fall prey to the opposite of it? Because I’m human, dammit. And so are you. In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s energy and adversity. Let me backtrack just a little. My theme in life is keeping myself and others inspired. I understand how the subconscious mind works, have a pretty good grasp on neuroscience and quantum physics, and have read (and written) more books than anybody ought to. I know the rules. Focus on the good stuff and leave the rest behind. Keep my energy vibrating high so I attract abundance and good parking spaces. I get it, and honestly, it works like a flipping charm.

But then. Those occasional  times (and I am so blessed they are only occasional), I forget what I know. I react to an external event, and then the snowball effect begins.

It starts innocently enough. I’m frustrated because I can’t get a hold of someone who owes me something. The more time that passes, the madder I get. My mind suddenly takes hold of the thought that this person is ignoring me, and suddenly, I can’t focus on anything else. How dare she! After all I’ve done for her!  I take a deep breath and realize what I just did to my energy and my body. First off, the reaction we can have in cases like this is chemical as much as it is emotional. So our fight or flight survival mechanism kicks into gear, releasing all sorts of cortisol and other neuortransmittors that aren’t doing anybody a darn bit of good.

Additionally, thoughts are things and where attention goes, energy flows. If we want a new car for example, we don’t commiserate over the fact that we don’t have one (I call this having a lack attack and you’d be better off consuming a Big Mac–ew). So knowing all this, I begin to reign my energy in, taking some deep breaths. Too late. I log onto my MLS and can’t get on. I have to look something up,  plus change the status of a listing I just sold. I call them. Some freak-o mistake that results in me having to call more people, sit on hold, and play the waiting game. This is ridiculous! How dare they….o0ps.  That’s when it hits me. I did this. I let my energy get stuck and dense over someone else. I allowed another person’s actions or in actions to let myself get all worked up and end up attracting more dumb stuff into my day.


I immediately closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and thought about something that made me smile. I did not open my eyes until I felt the energy of joy, love and forgiveness flood through my body. I knew I had to wash out those icky chemicals of anger with positive-feeling endorphins to get things back on track.

Adversity doesn’t always come through other people, either. Sometimes it’s a late bill, a lost job, or a flat tire. The point is, this thing we call life is all about learning to love ourselves and others and to recognize our power and our potential. Dumb stuff happens, but our job is to (eventually) learn to overcome it with grace and elegance. Sometimes a hard cry and a good glass of Pinot are required too, and that’s okay. To do our best to find a feeling that’s a little bit better than anger, frustration, or depression (the lowest on the energy scale). When something sets us off, we must take immediate action to shift that energy back to better so that we are not attracting more of what we don’t want.

As for me and my little hiccup? And it’s important to note that it was only a hiccup and that’s what I’m talking about here: most things really are not as significant as we give them credit for, thus our overreactions. Anyway, within minutes, and I do mean minutes, the person in question called me…her phone had been dead. I felt better and lighter.  I also had an unexpectedly awesome email,  a new virtual tour on one of my listings, and a handful of positive messages waiting for me online.

Life is good. Adversity presents opportunities to test ourselves and our resolve to keep the proper perspective on what really matters. Take 100% responsibility for the energy you bring into the room. Into the world. You got this.


If you want to read & hear more about intention-setting, how ’bout you pick up The Law of Distraction & Art of Intention”?  And while you’re at it, pick up the workbook too! 

Stay inspired,